Callaway 300 PRO Golf Laser Rangefinder Review – Rated!

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Golfers should never underestimate the importance of having a good rangefinder on hand. These gadgets not only allow golfers to measure distance but also help them plan ahead when it comes time for their next shot.

The Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder  is one of the best-selling budget laser rangefinders on the market, and to get the most out of this new rangefinder, we put together this up-to-date detailed review.

The 300 Pro is not a new rangefinder but is a great addition to the Callaway line who is one of the brand leaders in golfing equipment in the US.

With the same features as more expensive models, this is a great rangefinder for your game but how exactly good is this model, and will it help to improve your golf game? We answer all the tricky questions in this comprehensive Callaway 300 PRO Golf Laser Rangefinder review breakdown!

Callaway 300 Pro Out of the Box – Design and Look

Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder
We were deeply impressed by the appearance of the Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder.
It has a very ergonomic feel that allows for easy handling and a solid build that keeps it safe from damage on the golf course.

The housing is made of quality, durable plastic, that does not feel cheap in the hand.

The rubberized coating helps you grip the device securely, even when your hands are wet and muddy.

The grip is well thought out and the buttons are positioned just right to make the handling of this budget laser rangefinder feel very natural and comfortable.

The top features a responsive push-button power switch that turns on/off the unit fast enough to be practical in all situations on the golf course including heavy rain and strong winds.

Measuring just over 4 inches in length, it almost feels like a device a secret agent would use whilst on a scouting mission!

It’s small enough to fit in a trouser pocket or side compartment of a golf bag making it the ideal companion on the golf course.

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The red end case really stands out and gives the Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder a very stylish look.

Finally, the carry case for added protection is well made and looks just as high quality as the rangefinder itself.

Trendy and with a modern look, this well-rated device should fit perfectly in any golfer’s hand!


The 300 Pro is packed with features that are helpful for both beginners and experienced players.

To start with, the 6x magnification provides a very clear and accurate image that allows you to get precise distances almost instantly.

Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder
Having a powerful zoom helps golfers to home-in very quickly on the flag – so for senior golfers with poor eyesight this feature is a welcome plus.

Other important features include:

Precise Slope Measurement

The slope adjusted distance is calculated by taking into account changes in elevation and measuring the angle of incline/decline.

High Zoom Magnification for Greater Visibility

For long distances, the Pro 300 has 6x zoom magnification and a range between 5-1000 yards. With 1 yard accuracy tolerance and in both yards and meters for those who prefer the metric system.

Pin Locking Capabilities

The Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T.) or precision laser measure can lock onto a pin up to 300 yards away, even in bad weather such as fog or light rain.

Confirmed Distance Vibration Check

When the rangefinder locks on to the flag, you’ll feel a short vibration so that you know the right distance is accurately measured.

Slope Toggle Function

Legal for tournament play, you can enable the toggle of the slope detection function.

Durable Carry Case Included

A good quality case that adequately protects the Pro 300 from accidental scratching, good for when you are travelling by plane and need to it store away in a golf bag or hard case.

What’s Good About the Callaway Pro 300? – Pros:

So what are the pros of this golf rangefinder and how does it compare to well-known rivals such as the Bushnell, Precision or TecTecTec?

The first thing we noticed was how lightweight and compact the unit is. 

It’s easy to use and has a simple but robust design that helps to make it a very practical tool for all golfers.

The price tag (under $200) is another pro in our opinion.

Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder
With its quality build and functionality, we felt the Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder provides great value for money especially compared to similarly priced rangefinders with fewer features.

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Accuracy is excellent as well, you can quickly and easily lock onto the flag and the slope toggle button is extremely handy and works very well.

Advantages of using the Callaway 300

  • Clear optics and precise readings
  • Comfortable grip that’s easy to use
  • Slope function for uphill and downhill shots
  • Affordable price point
  • x6 Zoom magnification
  • Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T.)
  • Easy Slope Toggle Feature
  • Well known, trust worthy brand

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What Could be Better? – The Cons:

What could be improved on the Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder?

We found this golf rangefinder has good size and weight but some golfers might prefer a slightly heavier product considering it costs nearly 200 dollars.

Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder
Also, the slope detection feature is a great plus but we found the Pro 300 struggled to lock into readings when there was a few trees, shrubbery, or bushes between you and the flag.

Cons of using the Callaway 300:

  • Although tagged as a budget model it still costs nearly 200 bucks
  • It’s so lightweight, it can feel a little “flimsy”
  • Pin detection rated average when there is targets in the line of sight

Overall Review Rating

Golfers of all skill levels will appreciate the lightweight and compact ergonomic design, powerful zoom magnification, slope function capability, fog proof, and pin locking function.

The Pro 300 is a quality golf rangefinder with excellent accuracy that’s accurate up to 1000 yards or meters.

It comes at an affordable price point under $200 which is another tick in the box in our opinion considering it’s made by a market leader in Callaway.

We feel this product provides great value for money especially when you compare it to similarly priced rangefinders on the market without as many features.

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Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder
So if you’re looking for a new golf rangefinder that will help improve your game while saving time – consider getting yourself one of these!

FAQS – What You Need to Know:

​Is it water proof?

Yes, it can be used on the course in all weather conditions with good distance acquisition capabilities.

Will it work in poor light?

Yes, you’ll still be able to use the rangefinder in fog or dim lighting conditions so long as there’s a little bit of light available.

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What are the dimensions?

Measuring 4 x 1.5 x 3 inches and weighing eight ounces it’s a compact unit with a solid feel and well-built construction.

What battery does it take?

The Pro requires one CR2 battery which is included in the box. Battery life is rated as average.

What’s it made out of?

The rangefinder is made from high-quality plastic that’s resistant to rugged conditions.

Does it come with a case or pouch?

It comes with an excellent carrying case that secures the Pro300 and protects from scratches and bumps while stowed away in a golf bag. Also, there is a magnetic strip at the back called “magnahold” where you can attach your rangefinder to your golf cart.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it really is a case of pointing and pressing the power button to use the rangefinder. The yardages are displayed very clearly on the LCD screen.

How accurate is it?

It can measure distance with a range of between five and one thousand yards or meters and the accuracy is rated at -/+ 1 yard range of tolerance.

How do I know when it locks on to the pin?

The Pro300 emits a light vibration on scan mode to indicate that it has locked onto the flag with an accurate reading. Chose your club based on this reading but take into account weather such as wind and rain.

Is there any warranty included?

Yes, you get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from Callaway.

Is the Pro300 Golf rangefinder legal to use?

There is a toggle function/mode button to turn off the slop reading feature. Depending on your local league rules you may be required to off-slope functionality.

I wear glasses – will it still work?

Yes, other users have commented that it works fine when a golfer is wearing glasses.

The Callaway 300 Pro is one of the best-selling budget laser rangefinders on the market, and to get the most out of this new rangefinder, we put together this detailed review.

Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder
Be sure to look at the FAQs and read again our Callaway Golf Pro 300 Rangefinder review again, before purchase or contact us with any other questions before making your purchase we will do our best to answer.

Let’s make golf easier by checking out this quality laser rangefinder from Callaway.

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