Bushnell Golf App Review (What Does it Do?)

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Today, we’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to technology and devices that have been designed to help us improve our performance out on the golf course.

Bushnell golf is a company renowned for producing excellent rangefinders, speakers, and GPS devices that assist with club selection and shot management. You can also connect your device to the associated app to access a broad range of additional features.

Below, in our Bushnell golf app review, we look in more detail and ascertain what it is, how to use it, and how it performs. Let’s begin with a basic assessment of the app and whether or not it’s worth downloading.

What Is the Bushnell Golf App?

The Bushnell golf app is designed to pair with a range of Bushnell products, including their innovative rangefinder, Wingman speaker, and handheld GPS. Bushnell is one of the leading producers of golf rangefinders and GPS systems.

These handy tools enable golfers to get a much better understanding of the courses they’re playing.

After buying one of Bushnell’s products, you can sync it with the app and improve your game management out on the golf course. Many of Bushnell’s products attach to your clubs or golf bag and sync effortlessly with the app, which works on both Android and iOS.

The app provides you with access to 38,000+ golf courses in different parts of the world and provides reliable reads on front, center, and back GPS-provided distances. In other words, it makes club selection so much easier and allows you to plan your approach play to different layup points.

What’s more, the app makes it easy for you to manage and track your on-the-course statistics, ensuring you know what to work on when you head to the range in between rounds.

Is the Bushnell Golf App any Good?

The Bushnell golf app is an excellent, feature-rich app that promises to improve your game management. However, it’s important to note that for you to enjoy the full features of the app, you will need to invest in some Bushnell technology.

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The app is compatible with the following devices:

  • V5/V5 shift rangefinder
  • Wingman speaker
  • Pro XE rangefinder
  • Hybrid rangefinder + GPS
  • Phantom handheld GPS

While these devices can be used as stand-alone products, pairing them with the Bushnell app is the best way to get the most out of the technology. The app complements the GPS rangefinders and allows you to see your distances and plan your layups in real-time.

From more than 10,000 downloads, the app scores highly on the Google Play store. In other words, it’s an excellent addition to your golf setup and will help you improve your overall game, providing you have the technology to match.

How Does the Bushnell Golf App Work?

The Bushnell app is designed to help golfers utilize the various devices and GPS technology that the company is renowned for. Once you have purchased a Bushnell device, you can link it via Bluetooth to the corresponding app on your smartphone, which allows you to explore a broad range of features.

Some stand out features include:

  • Accurate on-the-course distances
  • A shot selector that assists with course management
  • Over-lays of holes and distances between hazard
  • Advanced GPS tracking
  • Statistics management and tracking

While you don’t need to use the Bushnell app to enjoy your GPS device or Wingman speaker, doing so will enhance your on-the-course experience. The app is regularly updated to include the latest tracking technology and provides an excellent course management experience.

Each device utilizes the app in slightly different ways, but Bushnell encloses detailed operating instructions to accompany its installation.

As such, whether you’ve opted for the innovative Wingman speaker or Pro XE rangefinder, you can download the Bushnell app and get the most out of some of the most advanced golf GPS technology out there.

Does the Bushnell Golf App Use Data?

The Bushnell app runs predominantly through the Bluetooth connection on your phone or smartwatch. To access the GPS functionality and shot management options, you will need to retain the Bluetooth connection throughout your round of golf.

For the Wingman speaker, a Bluetooth connection is all that’s required to link it to the app.

However, you will also need to download access to the 38,000+ courses via data or a WIFI connection. The same is true for getting the most out of the various advanced features, such as hole overlays and shot tracking.

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While you can do this before you leave home or the clubhouse, it’s best to stay connected to data to ensure the app works throughout your round.

You will also notice that each of the Bushnell devices has different connectivity requirements when it comes to Bluetooth and data, so it’s difficult to generalize about how much data each will use.

Therefore, before committing to a purchase, be sure to check out the specific requirements of each device if you’re planning to connect it to the app.

Remember, you can use the Bushnell devices without the app, so if you’re concerned about using too much data, you don’t necessarily need to connect your device to the app to use it out on the golf course.

Is the Bushnell Golf App Free?

The Bushnell golf app is completely free to download and use for both iOS and Android-based devices. However, you will need to buy one of Bushnell’s GPS devices in order to use the app.

Below are the prices you can expect to pay for Bushnell products:

  1. Laser rangefinders – $299 – $549
  2. GPS wingman speakers – $129 – $149
  3. Launch monitors – $2,999 – $11,799

If you opt for a launch monitor, you will also need to sign up for the associated software that allows you to run the device, which starts from $99 per year for the basic package.

As you can see, Bushnell devices certainly aren’t cheap, but they’re renowned for helping you improve your accuracy out on the course.

Still, once you have purchased your device, you don’t need to pay to download or subscribe to the app, and its features are fully accessible for all Bushnell customers.

Bushnell Golf App Not Working? (How to Fix!)

The main reason why the Bushnell app fails to work as normal is that the app needs to be updated to the current version. Software apps need to be synched with firmware updates in order for them to connect properly and send or receive data. You should always update your golf app to avoid issues.

There are also secondary reasons why the Bushnell golf app might not be working, and it will depend on the device that you’re trying to pair it with. One of the challenges that some Bushnell customers have is with the compatibility of the app.

If you have a legacy GPS device, you will need to make sure you download the legacy app, as opposed to the standard Bushnell golf mobile app.

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Customers have also experienced connectivity issues with the Bushnell app, as mentioned throughout the Android and iOS reviews, which can be caused by a number of reasons.

Bushnell recommends that you operate the latest version of your Android or iOS operating software to ensure you can access the full range of the app’s features.

Bushnell has a support page that you might find helpful if you’re having issues pairing your device with the app on your smartphone or watch. If an issue still persists and you have no luck with the support page, it’s best to contact Bushnell directly to raise your issues with the customer service team.

Where to Download the Bushnell Golf App?

You can download the Bushnell golf app directly from the Google Play and Apple App stores, depending on the operating system that you use. The standard Bushnell golf app is compatible with all rangefinders (other than hybrid) as well as the Phantom 2 and Wingman GPS devices.

As mentioned, if you have a legacy product, you will need to download the latest version of the legacy app to benefit from its full features. You can download it on Android and Apple iOS.

Although Wingman works on the standard app, the legacy app comes with a range of additional features, including volume control.

For the app to work to your expectations, make sure you’re operating the latest operating system on your phone or smartwatch, and check that you’ve downloaded the latest iteration of the relevant app.

This should enable you to access the full spectrum of impressive features and get the most out of your Bushnell device.


The Bushnell golf app is a great addition to your smartphone if you’re a keen golfer. You can effortlessly pair the app with any Bushnell device and enjoy a broad range of additional features that aren’t accessible if you use the device in isolation.

While the app itself is free to use, you will need to purchase one of Bushnell’s devices to use it in the first place. Whether you opt for a Wingman speaker or GPS rangefinder, you will see your course management improve as a result.