Bloodline Putter Reviews – Legal and (Good to Use?)

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The use of self-standing putters has attracted a lot of attention – and controversy – in golf in recent times. After all, some golfers believe that they offer an unfair advantage, while others think there’s nothing wrong with using them.

One of the most prominent brands to manufacture a self-standing putter is Bloodline. But what’s the deal with these putters? Can you even legally use them on the golf course?

In the following sections, we take a look at Bloodline putters in more detail and help you decide whether or not to add a self-standing putter to your bag this year.

What Are Bloodline Putters?

Bloodline putters are high-spec, well-balanced putters that focus on improving your alignment. Featuring patented technology and premium construction, Bloodline putters have a reputation for being among the best in the business.

Bloodline Stand Up RG-1 Mallet Putter - 5 Wins on Tour - Premium Components- Perfect Aim, Magic Putter. (Mallet, 35)

The key to Bloodline’s technology is in the calibration of the putter. The alignment aids on the back of the putter help you address the ball correctly at impact, reducing the number of putts you sail past the hole.

You can choose from several Bloodline putters, including the Valve, RG-1 Mallet, and R1-J Blade, depending on the style of the club that you want to add to your bag. You can also buy various putter components from Bloodline, including shafts and putter head covers.

So, to help you find out more about this exciting brand, we take a deep dive into what makes Bloodline putters so special and help you decide if a Bloodline putter will be a good addition to your golf bag this season.

Are Bloodline Putters Any Good?

Yes, Bloodline putters are built to extremely high specifications and rank among the best in the game. The putters feature a full-milled CNC head with aircraft-grade aluminum, as well as four adjustable head weights to offer you full customization over your address.

Watch this video about the famous RG-1 Mallet Bloodline putter from The Tour experience YouTube Channel:

All Bloodline putters are optimally aligned and produce a feel and roll that is appreciated by Tour players. You can choose from multiple grips and shaft options, which provides further customization as far as your putter is concerned.

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All of these features are backed by Bloodline’s 100-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can play with the Bloodline putter for this period of time before returning it if it doesn’t match your expectations.

Although they’re relatively expensive, Bloodline putters pack a lot of technology into their unique design and composition and present golfers with an excellent opportunity to make more putts out on the course.  

Are Bloodline Putters Legal?

Bloodline putters are 100% legal for use. One of the key features of Bloodline putters is that they’re self-standing, which is what leads many people to question whether or not they can be used in competitions.

Stand-alone putters are relatively controversial because they aid a player’s alignment, which many assume to be an unfair advantage. But as is stipulated in section 10.2b (3)/1, the USGA confirms that self-standing putters are permitted:

” Setting clubhead on the ground behind the ball to help the player take a stance is allowed … such as when a player stands behind the ball and places the clubhead perpendicular to the line of play and then walks around from behind the ball to take his or her stance.”

Although a little clumsily worded, you’re permitted to line your club up behind the ball and leave it standing without gripping it yourself. This is why self-standing putters like the Bloodline range are perfectly legal for use in competitions.

How Much are Bloodline Putters?

Bloodline putters are pretty expensive, which is one of the drawbacks of this range. The table below illustrates the price you can expect to pay for the different models available from Bloodline:

Model Price
RG-1 Mallet$499.00
Ri-J Blade$499.00
RG-1 Mallet Center Shaft$499.00
Vale (HPP)$329.00
Vale (AA)$399.00

As you can see, most of the Bloodline putters currently retail around the $500 mark. For many beginner and recreational golfers, this is a little too much to pay for a single club.

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Bloodline Vale Stand Up Putter - for Perfect Aim & Alignment - Tour Proven - Made in The USA (Right, 35)

However, if you’re super keen to improve your performance out on the greens, an investment in a free-standing putter like a Bloodline model is bound to help you.

Instead of buying a brand-new model directly from the Bloodline store, you could look at online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist to help you identify a bargain. After all, you can buy used Bloodline putters for a fraction of the price of new models, which is an ideal way to save some money.

What about Bloodline Putter Shafts?

When you order a Bloodline putter online, you can select which shaft you would like to have on your club. You can also order a new shaft for your current putter if you wish, and there are currently two options from Bloodline.

The first is the V-605 shaft, which retails at $100. The V-605 comprises a slant hovel, making it ideal for pairing with the Vale head. The shaft delivers balance and improved stability, and it typically favors golfers with a more traditional arced swing path.

Another option from Bloodline is the R-995 shaft, which retails at $150. You can choose from python, slant neck, and dagger down, providing you with a choice depending on your current putting style.

At $100 and $150 respectively, the shafts alone are more expensive than some putters from other brands. Still, the Bloodline technology and the fact that they’re self-standing and designed to help your alignment makes the investment worth it for some recreational golfers.

Do Any Pros Use Bloodline Putters?

Legendary South African player Ernie Els is the main partner of Bloodline, and he uses their putter on Tour. He speaks highly of the feel, alignment, and roll of the putter, and the Big Easy can be seen using a Bloodline on the Champions Tour.

Other than Ernie, It’s not clear if any other Tour players currently use or endorse Bloodline on the PGA Tour.

Still, given the fact that these putters are USGA legal and conform to the strict guidelines and regulations set out by the Tour, we’re likely to see more players turn to such technology in the future.

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Some golf purists scoff at innovations like self-standing putters, but evolution is part of the game, and golf clubs have come an awful long way since the early days!

Whether other professionals follow Ernie’s lead and turn to the Bloodline putter remains to be seen, but the fact that they’re legal and conforming suggests that we might see more on the PGA Tour in the coming years.

S7K vs Bloodline Putter – Who Wins?

The S7K is arguably the original self-standing putter and has been used by recreational golfers for a while now. The S7K putter is ultra-light and super easy to the line-up, and it promises to help golfers improve the way they read the greens.

One of the fundamental differences between the S7K and Bloodline is that there is only one option in the S7K lineup. Bloodline manufactures multiple models, as explained above, providing golfers with more choice when it comes to what to add to the bag.

In terms of build quality and performance, both companies manufacture an exceptionally high standard of golf clubs, and there’s very little to choose between them.

However, one key distinction between the two is price. The SK7 currently retails at $199, while the cheapest Bloodline putter is $299, with most models around the $500.

So, in terms of value, the SK7 is the clear winner, but if you’re looking for a standing putter, either brand should work well for you.


Choosing the right putter to add to your bag is super important. After all, your ability to putt out on the course will make or break your scorecard. The self-standing Bloodline putter range is impressive, even though the models are a little on the pricey side.

Overall, with a Tour endorsement from Ernie Els and thanks to the innovative build quality that boosts its alignment, we can recommend the Bloodline putter to anyone looking to improve their putting accuracy out on the golf course.