Blast Motion Golf: Does it Work as it Should?

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Although there are lots of products that claim to improve your golf game, Blast Motion is a device that can undoubtedly help you improve out on the course.

But what exactly is Blast Motion, and how does it work?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this impressive piece of golf technology and use this guide to help you decide if it’s well suited to your game this season.

1. What is Blast Motion Golf?

Blast Motion is a company that provides motion analysis and performance insights to golfers through innovative and industry-leading products and technology. Based in California, Blast Motion provides tech to athletes playing golf, baseball, and softball.

Blast Golf - Swing and Stroke Analyzer (Sensor) I Captures Putting, Full Swing, Short Game Bunker Modes, Air Mode, Slo-Mo Video Capture, App Enabled (iOS Android Compatible)

Blast Motion’s golf tech is perfect for enhancing your short game, helping you with putting, bunker shots, and approach play as you look to improve your score out on the golf course.

Central to the concept are sensors and a highly-optimized golf app, which work in tandem to provide you with an insight into your game. Theoretically, when you use Blast Motion, you can improve the way you strike the ball and lower your scores as a result.

But does Blast Motion actually work? What can you expect from the software? Let’s take a closer look.

2. Does Blast Motion Golf Work?

Yes, Blast Motion works well. The Blast Motion sensors are really efficient and ensure that all of the data that you need can be traced and stored on the app, which is available for download on iOS and Android.*

You can attach the Blast Motion sensor to your golf club, which then provides real swing data across four distinct swing modes, each of which is designed to help you understand your swing tendencies, improving the way that you strike the ball.

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It’s possible to use the sensors when you’re practicing putting on the living room carpet or when you’re playing a practice round with your buddies on your home course.

During and after your round, you can then read through the insights to make slight adjustments to your swing.

Given the accuracy of the sensors and the app, Blast Motion is an excellent way to capture insights into your golf game before making the necessary improvements to work on your game.

3. How Do You Set up And Use Blast Motion?

Helpfully, Blast Motion is easy to use, and it comes with a user-friendly guide that helps you get started. ** After ordering and receiving your Blast Motion sensors, you need to attach the sensor to the grip of your putter, driver, iron, or wedge.

Blast Golf - Swing and Stroke Analyzer (Sensor) I Captures Putting, Full Swing, Short Game Bunker Modes, Air Mode, Slo-Mo Video Capture, App Enabled (iOS Android Compatible)

Then, when you practice your swing, the sensor transmits metrics directly to the associated app, which you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

It does this via low-energy Bluetooth, so it doesn’t drain your battery or require unlimited data to work efficiently.

All of the insights that are captured via the sensors are presented on the app, so you can make sense of your swing.

This is really helpful when it comes to improving the fine margins that stand between you and game improvement, which is why Blast Motion is such a key tool for all golfers.

You can easily transfer the sensor between your different clubs, enabling you to track your desired metrics and keep track of your performance out on the golf course and practice range.

4. How Accurate is Blast Motion?

It’s fair to say that Blast Motion is extremely accurate. We found the sensor to be intelligent, seamlessly connecting to the app, which itself is really well optimized for use on mobile devices.

The Blast Motion sensor undergoes significant calibration before being shipped, ensuring that it’s capable of accurate reads when you’re practicing your swing.

We found it to be accurate to within a few mph and a few degrees when compared to similar systems.

Specifically, the Blast Motion sensor measures aspects of your long game, peak hand speed, tempo, backswing, and downswing, as well as your attack angle, all of which are key elements of your long game.***

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In terms of your short game, Blast Motion provides accurate reads in terms of loft change and lie angle change, all of which can help you improve the way that you execute your shots in and around the greens.

5. Does Blast Motion Golf Require a Subscription?

Once you buy the Blast Motion sensor, there are free and paid subscriptions available. The free service provides you with real-time feedback and basic impact metrics, as well as the ability to video record your swing.

Customers that opt for the free service can also access a limited number of training videos, as well as some general tips in the Blast Motion training center.

In other words, you can use Blast Motion without a subscription, but you can’t access its full package of features.

When you upgrade to premium, you can access cloud-based storage and customizable metrics that are not available within the free subscription.

You can also unlock advanced metrics and training insights which can significantly improve your golf game.

Presently, the Blast Motion premium plan costs $6.95 per month or $59.95 per year.

6. Is There a Blast Motion App?

In order to get the most out of the Blast Motion technology, you will need to download the app, which is available for iOS and Android.

As such, you can download the Blast Motion app on your smartphone or tablet, providing you with access to your insights no matter where you are.

The app is highly rated on Android and iOS, and users are impressed by the range of features, as well as how well optimized it is for mobile.

We also like the fact that the Blast Motion sensor works on Bluetooth and doesn’t require mobile data or WIFI to run. This means that it doesn’t drain your coverage or your battery, which is a super impressive aspect of the setup.

So, once you order your sensor from Blast Motion, you can download the associated app on Android or iOS to get the most out of its features.

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7. Can You Trade in a Blast Motion Sensor?

Blast Motion does have a trade-in program, offering significant cost savings. If you have a Zepp product, you can trade it into Blast Motion, and they will allow you to buy a Blast Motion sensor for just $75, which is practically half-price.

The reason for this is that Zepp is discontinuing the sale of its current products, and Blast Motion is offering Zepp customers the opportunity to transition to their software.

The trade-in is applicable to Zepp sensors within all sports, not just golf, and is also available to individual players and sports teams. So, if you have been making use of Zepp technology to improve your swing in baseball or golf, you can upgrade to Blast Motion for a great price.

You will need to contact Blast Motion directly and make the necessary arrangements to upgrade to a Blast Motion sensor and ensure that you send your current device to the right location.

8. What About Blast Motion Discount Codes?

At the time of writing, there aren’t any discount codes applicable to Blast Motion. However, you can check out sites like We Thrift and Coupon Birds, as they have run discounts in the past.

Some of the offers include 25% or 50% off Blast Motion technology, offering significant savings on the initial cost of the sensor.

Therefore, before paying full price for a Blast Motion sensor, it makes sense to check out the available discount codes to see if you can save some money on this impressive piece of golf tech.


If you’re a keen golfer, you will be aware that there are lots of products that you can invest in to improve your game. Blast Motion is a great option for recreational golfers, as it offers excellent insight into your swing, helping you make the necessary improvements.

We hope this guide has helped you come to a decision about Blast Motion as you take the necessary steps to improve your golf game this season.


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