Big Moss Putting Green Review [Competitor V2]

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As the old saying goes “You drive for show and you putt for dough” – great putting is a huge advantage – it is a key difference between elite players and golfers that struggle with the game. In our Big Moss Putting Green review, we find out if this mat stands up to rivals.

It doesn’t matter how much you improve your ball striking if you can’t finish the hole on the greens. There is nothing more frustrating than hitting an iron on the green in regulation and walking off with a bogey.

Big Moss Golf COMPETITOR 3' X 9' Practice Putting Chipping Green w/ 3 Cups

Ben Sayers, a Scottish golf professional and instructor famously said “A good player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer. A great hitter who cannot putt is a match for no one”.

With this in mind, how do you improve your putting? Sure, you can buy a fancy new putter, but if your stroke is inconsistent, you will continue to be frustrated with your short game. To putt well, you need distance control, accuracy, and feel.

The problem for most amateur golfers – how do you develop these skills with limited time to spend on improving your game? You can definitely decrease your scores if you practice your putting, but most of us don’t have the time to spend hours on the practice green at our local club.

You need a convenient way to work on your stroke when you have a spare 15-30 minutes that doesn’t require you to hop in your car and drive to your local club.

Professional golf instructors recommend an artificial green that you can use in the comfort of your home. Below you will find our Big Moss putting green review.

Are Artificial Putting Greens Authentic?

Does putting on an artificial green really improve my stroke? The key to becoming a better putter is repetition and confidence. If you spend more time working on your short game, you will become more comfortable when you face that shot on the course.

Big Moss Golf COMPETITOR 3' X 9' Practice Putting Chipping Green w/ 3 Cups

A convenient, indoor putting green means you can literally practice anytime. You can use the 10 minutes before your next conference call to roll some putts.

Take 15 minutes before you go to bed to unwind and hit some balls.

The key is that you want a realistic putting surface. It needs to feel like you are hitting putts on the course.

The other advantage of having an artificial green in your house is you can tinker with different putters or grips. You can try putting cross-handed or using the claw. You may find that you have a more consistent stroke with a different method of putting.

Not all artificial putting greens are the same. You need to make sure you invest in one that is designed for serious practice and allows you to put a true roll on the ball.

It is always a good idea to look for a product that is endorsed by a teaching pro or even better, used by teaching pros.

Big Moss Golf COMPETITOR 3' X 9' Practice Putting Chipping Green w/ 3 Cups

As you will see in our Big Moss putting green review, the Competitor V2 is a good example of that type of practice green. Michael Breed, an instructor on the Golf Channel, uses Big Moss greens and partnered with them to create several products.

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His comment on Big Moss putting greens “Everyone should own a Big Moss putting and chipping green. I do, and absolutely LOVE it! The truest and most honest surface available.”

Product Overview – Design & Performance

The Big Moss Competitor V2 putting green has been designed for serious practice and has enough bells and whistles to prevent you from getting bored.

Probably best used for putting but has been constructed so that you can also practice some chipping as well. The chipping mat and balls work well – the ball checks on the green.

The green includes 3 different holes, all different sizes. You get a 2”, a 3”, and a regulation size cup. Practice making putts on the 2” cup and when you get to the course, the hole will look like a bucket!

Putting at smaller holes is a proven method to improve your accuracy on the greens.

It is built with a wrinkle-free rubber backed surface that will lay flat even on a carpeted floor. It won’t bubble or bunch. It has been constructed to stand the test of time – very durable.

The green is built with a slight incline, but if you want to practice on a perfectly flat surface, you can remove the foundation to take out the slope.

Big Moss Golf COMPETITOR 3' X 9' Practice Putting Chipping Green w/ 3 Cups

The Big Moss Competitor V2 green is designed to roll at a realistic speed. It will consistently roll at a speed of 11 on the stimpmeter. The next best thing to putting on grass – it might roll better than the greens you typically play.

The consistent speed will help you work on your touch and your feel. Critical to improving your lag putting on the course.

Features & Tech Specs

When you purchase the Big Moss Competitor V2, you will get the following:

  • 3″ by 9″ putting surface, with 3 different holes (2”, 3”, regulation) and a plug for each hole when you aren’t using them.
  • Backstop with velcro attachment.
  • 2 limited flight chipping balls and a chipping mat.
  • Break Snake – you can alter the break of the green – practice right to left putts and those tricky sliders from right to left – you can create hundreds of different terrains.
  • Instruction manual for best results – also includes some games to try on your green – keep practice fun or challenge your family and friends.


  • High quality durable construction – well-made product that doesn’t wear out – you can move it around as needed.
  • 3 cup system – practicing on smaller holes will improve your short game – learn to make putts on a 2” or 3” hole and putting on the course will be easy.
  • Variety – practice for hours without getting bored – not only do you have 3 different size holes, but you can use the break snake to alter the putts you are hitting.
  • Chipping option – nice to have the ability to work on your chipping motion as well – the chipping balls respond realistically when they land on the green.
  • Respected Product – Big Moss putting greens have been endorsed by many teaching and playing professionals – they partnered with Michael Breed from the Golf Channel.
  • Realistic, true roll – speed is consistent with top-end golf courses and the ball rolls true.
  • Ready to Use – no setup required – you will be putting a few minutes after the Competitor V2 arrives.


  • 3″ by 9″ could be small for some players, but Big Moss does offer larger products if you are interested.
  • Trying to make putts on the 2” hole can be challenging – you may want to start on regulation size hole.


Question: Can I really improve my putting using an artificial green?
Answer: 100% yes. You will become a better putter once you are consistently using the same stroke – a stroke you can trust. The best way to develop this is through repetition. If an artificial green allows you to spend more time hitting putts and seeing the ball go in the hole, you will improve.

Question: Why would I want to practice on a 2″ hole?
Answer: This concept has been used by instructors for years. If you can learn to make putts on a smaller hole during your practice session, making putts in a regulation size cup on the course will seem easy. Ultimately, it is training you to be precise with your putting.

Question: How do I adjust the Break Snake?
Answer: You lift the felt top and place the snake under it – you can arrange to make the putt break any way you prefer. This is a great way to practice different putts you will encounter on the course.

Question: How important is putting to my score?
Answer: For most amateur players, putting makes up 50% of their strokes. The worst putters on the PGA tour average 31 putts per round – how many do you take per 18 holes played?

The quickest way to reduce your handicap is through improved putting. Eliminate 3 putts and improve your make percentage from inside 10 feet.

Question: What is the speed of this putting green and is it realistic to what I will see on the course?
Answer: Big Moss putting greens run at 11 on the stimpmeter. All on course greens are different, but most public courses will run between 8 and 11. PGA tour courses will be between 11 and 14. The speed of the Big Moss putting green is realistic and maybe a little bit faster than you normally play.

Question: What is a stimpmeter? How does it work?
Answer: A stimpmeter is a device that measures the speed of a green. You find a flat area of the green and you allow a ball to roll down the device.

You measure how far the ball rolls from the stimpmeter. If it rolls 11 feet, the green is running 11 on the stimpmeter.

Question: I thought this was a putting green, but I see references to a chipping pad and chipping balls. Do these items come with this product?
Answer: Yes. Big Moss has designed their greens to help with your chipping as well as putting. This product comes with a chipping mat and chipping balls – the balls are designed to feel like real balls, but safe to chip indoors.

Question: I need to improve my putting but have a limited budget. Should I invest in a new putter or an artificial putting green?
Answer: The best answer might be both, but it depends on your current putter. If you are concerned your putter is holding you back, look for a newer model, but used.

Potentially, you can save enough to afford a practice green as well. The ability to groove your stroke from the comfort of your home or office will make a significant impact on your short game.

Alternative Mats

You like the idea of an artificial putting mat, but want a different shape or size? Big Moss offers many different shapes, sizes, and hole configurations.

The Competitor V2 (this product) and the August V2 are their best-selling products. They also offer mats designed to be outside on your deck or even in your yard. Some options include training aids on the mats or games.

If you are looking to compare to another brand, Birdieball provides similar options. With Birdieball you can select the number of holes, length of green, and speed. You can customize your Birdieball green, but less shape options than Big Moss.

There are numerous brands on the market, but if you are looking for a high quality, durable product, you can’t go wrong with Big Moss.


There are no short cuts in the game of golf. You get better by putting in the practice time. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at the course – work smart, not hard.

The value of owning an indoor artificial putting surface is convenience. Anytime you have a few minutes, you can quickly work on your stroke or hit a few chip shots.

You will be surprised how much you use you’re putting green. It is hard to walk past it, without rolling the ball towards the hole. You might wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.

A high-quality artificial green can become entertainment for your family and friends. Challenge your son to a putting contest or see if your neighbor can make an 8-foot putt while you give him or her a hard time.

Big Moss Golf COMPETITOR 3' X 9' Practice Putting Chipping Green w/ 3 Cups

You might find that all of your Happy Hours end up with a bunch of people taking turns trying to make a putt in a 2” hole or putting for dollars.

Hopefully, you found our Big Moss putting green review helpful. You won’t become Ben Crenshaw overnight, but spending time on your stroke will pay off.

Invest in your short game and watch your handicap and some putts, drop. We all love to hear the sound of ball hitting the bottom of the cup.


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