Bettinardi Putters Review: The Best You Can Get?

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It is time to get serious about your short game – more specifically your putting. You are tired of giving away strokes on the green. The only thing worse than a 3-putt bogey might be the soul-crushing 3-putt par. Can our up-to-date Bettinardi putters review help you?

You want everyone at your club to know how well you roll the rock. Your nickname in the 19th hole needs to be “the boss of the moss”. You want your playing partners to be nervous every time you stand over a 10-foot putt.


So, how do you get better? You need to put in the time on the practice green. Spend a couple of hours every week working on those right to left breakers and the nasty sliders to the right.

Determine the best grip for your stroke. It might be conventional, cross-handed, the claw, the saw, or even armlock.

Next, what putter are you using? It is time to invest in some new equipment and you want the best you can get. You are looking for a putter with all the technology to help you make more birdies.

Maybe a putter you have seen on TV while watching your favorite PGA tour pro win on Sunday.

If you are looking to invest in a premium putter, Bettinardi should be the first brand that comes to mind. They have been creating high-end putters for 20 years. Below you will find 5 Bettinardi putter reviews.

1. Bettinardi Golf BB1 Putter

The Bettinardi BB1 Putter is a classic traditional blade design, (similar to the club on S7K putter review) with the plumber’s neck hosel that has been enjoyed by golfers for many years. This putter is milled from a single block of soft carbon steel to provide exceptional quality and feel.

Bettinardi New 2020 BB1 Flow Putter 35' Pistol Grip - Retail: $299.99

This putter is built with the Bettinardi FlyMill face. This creates a muted, yet crisp feel when you strike the ball.

Designed for players that want a responsive feel, this is a middle option for soft vs. hard face design. The engineers have also paid close attention to the heel-toe weighting to ensure a perfectly balanced putter.

A stealth black finish helps reduce the glare from the sun and a clean profile at the address will provide you with added confidence on the greens.

The putter comes with a premium Lamkin deep etch cord grip and you have your choice of regular or jumbo size. It also includes a black leather Bettinardi cover.

You can purchase this putter with a length of 33″, 34″, or 35″ and it is offered for both right-handed and left-handed players.


  • A classic design, just done better – you can find this design across many brands, but Bettinardi’s quality separates it from the others.
  • Milled putter just feels better – rolls the ball smooth.
  • Love the stealth black finish – putter is a true piece of art.
  • Great feeling Lamkin grip – nice to be able to choose between standard and jumbo – if you tend to get wristy with your stroke, go jumbo.
  • Multiple lengths and dexterities make this a putter that can be enjoyed by all players.


  • Lacks a little flair – such a classic design, it doesn’t visually stand out like some of the other models but who cares when it plays this good!


2. Bettinardi Golf Studio Stock 28 Armlock

Is it time to try a different style of putting? Many golf professionals that were forced to move from long or belly putters have transitioned to the armlock style of stroking the ball. Most famously, Matt Kuchar has used a Bettinardi armlock putter to rack up victories on the PGA Tour.

Bettinardi Golf 2017 Studio Stock 28 Center Shaft Putter, 35', Right Hand

To quickly summarize, an armlock putter is longer than normal and is designed to rest against your front forearm when you hit putts. This helps keep your wrist stable and produces a more consistent stroke. A great way to solve a golfer’s biggest fear…the yips.

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Armlock putter is milled from a single block of 303 Stainless Steel. It has a platinum finish, with sapphire blue markings. The head shape is designed to be a cross between a blade and a mini mallet. It is built with a single bend shaft.

The face is F.I.T. milled (Feel Impact Technology) to create the softest possible feel. This is the softest putter offered by Bettinardi and is designed for the player that likes to be aggressive on the greens.

You can purchase this putter in various lengths from 40” to 42” and you can select different lofts and lies as well, depending on your preferences.

The putter is equipped with a blue cord grip, specifically designed for the armlock style of putting. It also includes a beautiful sapphire blue head cover that will stand out in your bag.


  • A new option for you to try – armlock is a different way to putt that could truly change your game.
  • Visually beautiful – platinum finish and sapphire blue markings create a confidence-inspiring visual as you stand over putts.
  • F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) face milling creates the softest putter you will find – best ever feel.
  • Great head shape – the blade, mini mallet hybrid provides you with the clean look of a blade, with the stability of a mallet.


  • Learning curve – it will take some practice to get comfortable with an armlock putter.


3. Bettinardi Golf BB56 Mallet Putter

The Bettinardi BB56 Mallet putter is a large head design, focused on helping you improve your alignment. It is a milled putter head from military-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The bimetal construction gave the engineers the ability to improve the weight, balance, and M.O.I. (moment of inertia).

Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BB56 Right Hand Putter, 35'

The truly unique part of this putter is the look at address. A combination of a black stealth finish with hand-polished stainless steel creates a club that is very easy to line up. Simply pick your line and stroke the putt.

The BB56 has a FlyMill face, so it is in the middle ground for feel – not too soft and not too hard. Great for players looking for a responsive feel.

You can purchase this putter at 33”, 34”, or 35” in length and is available for both right and left-handed players.

The putter is equipped with a premium Lamkin deep etch cord grip and you can select standard or jumbo size. You will also receive a leather head cover, that includes the name of the brand and the model.


  • Unique style – large mallet head with a responsive feel – creates nice over spin on the ball.
  • Alignment – great markings on top of the club – black vs. steel contrast is beautiful and makes it easy to start the ball on your line.
  • Options – select your length preference and the size of the grip – make it your own.


  • Large head – will take getting used to, if you have always putted with smaller blades.


4. Bettinardi Golf Studio Stock 28 Center Shaft Putter

The base design of the Studio Stock 28 Center Shaft putter is not one that you see that often. A center-shafted, blade putter. This one is milled from a single piece of Soft Carbon Steel and has a Mercury Gray Finish that reduces glare from the sun.

Bettinardi Golf 2017 Studio Stock 28 Center Shaft Putter, 35', Right Hand

The Stock 28 Center shaft putter has the F.I.T (Feel Impact Technology) face that provides the softest feel of all Bettinardi putters. Perfectly designed for players that like to put an aggressive stroke on the ball. Since it is center shafted, there is no bend in the shaft.

Offered in various lengths (33”, 34”, 35”) and available for both right and left-handled golfers. The putter is fit with a blue Lamkin cord grip and you can select either Standard or Jumbo Size.
This putter comes with a very cool headcover – blue and gray, with several Bettinardi logos. An eye-catching addition to your golf bag.


  • Another great milled putter – great feel, great quality with this type of construction.
  • The F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) face is amazingly soft – you make an aggressive stroke without worrying about the ball exploding across the green.
  • Unique style – center shafted blade is an interesting concept and worth a second look.
  • Similar to other putters on our list, options are there – length, grip size, and dexterity.


  • Slightly older model – released in 2017 – if it makes putts, do we care when it was released?


5. Bettinardi Golf Inovai 5.0 Center Shaft Putter

Similar to the BB56, the Inovai 5.0 putter is a bi-metal mallet design. It is milled from 6061 Military grade aluminum and 303 stainless steel. This allows the engineers to push the weight of the head towards the back, giving it improved MOI (moment of inertia) and great balance.

Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 Inovai 5.0 Right Hand Center Shaft Putter, 35'

This is a straight shaft, center shaft design, but it doesn’t come down perfectly in the middle of the head – it is slightly towards the heal. This is done to provide a better view of the ball at address.

This putter looks great when you stand over a putt, due to the contrast of the black finish and the hand-polished stainless steel.

This mallet putter differs from BB5 in that it is smaller and has a rounded back. If you are looking for the performance of a mallet, but don’t want it to be too large, this is a great choice for you.

The Inovai 5.0 has the FIT (Feel Impact Technology) milled face, so it will feel softer than the BB56.
The putter comes with a premium Lamkin deep etch cord grip and you can select either Regular or Jumbo size. A matching Bettinardi headcover is included.


  • Great looking – the stainless steel and black finish are very nice – the red markings on the putter and headcover really pop.
  • Sleek design – the rounded back to the mallet and the soft face give you the consistency of a mallet with the feel of a blade.
  • Center shafted – helps promote a straight back and straight through stroke.
  • Weight in the back – promotes top spin, to help your ball roll true.


  • Isn’t perfectly center shafted – this was by design, but if you are looking for a shaft that goes directly in the center of the head, this isn’t for you.


What Makes Bettinardi Putters So Good?

The most unique feature of a Bettinardi putter is the care and attention to detail that goes into each model and each club.

They are made from high-quality materials and each model is a handcrafted design. A key distinction is the fact they are milled. By starting with a single piece of metal, Bettinardi can get very detailed with the putter head and face.

Their milling process has allowed them to create very precise patterns on the face of their putters. You have the ability to select Honeycomb, F.I.T, or FlyMill face milling and each provides the golfer with a different feel.

Maybe you like a firm putter or maybe you prefer soft – either way, Bettinardi has you covered. If you are looking for precision in your putting, Bettinardi can provide the club.

These putters certainly meet the professional standard as they can be found across all major tours in the world.

Since 2000, Bettinardi putters have won on the PGA Tour 30+ times, including 3 major championships. They have also snagged victories on the European Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA, and the Korn Ferry Tour.

Conclusion: Are Bettinardi Putters Worth the Money?

Hopefully, you found these Bettinardi putter reviews helpful. When you think of the Bettinardi brand, you should think high quality materials, professional tour-proven designs and the best craftsmanship.

Bettinardi putters are beautiful – the closest thing to a work of art for the green you will find. They are a premium product and if you can afford them, definitely worth the hefty price tag!

So, if you are ready to make a significant investment in improving your short game, you can’t go wrong with one of these putters. Review the different style options and think about your putting stroke.

If you want a classic look, go BB1. If you like the concept of center shafted, just decide if you would prefer a blade (Studio Stock 28) or a mallet (Inovai 5.0). Looking for a mallet to improve your consistency, select the BB56.

Need to remove your wrist action and want to try something different? Studio Stock 28 Armlock putter is an exciting option.

Putting a Bettinardi putter in your bag announces to everyone that you are here to compete and make putts. Become the boss of the moss!

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