Best Putters for Alignment – 5 Accurate Clubs for 2024!

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Putting is a relatively simple skill to explain – you aim the club behind the ball with velocity and direction the deciding factor on whether you sink the ball into the hole or not.

In this article, we are going to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to putting and try to help those golfers reach out by advising which are the best putters for alignment in 2024.

Some golfers take years to find the right putter and as technology changes so do the requirements and performance we expect of our putters.

We all crave more consistent putting, and most of us get fed up when our putts are not going in the hole, so what can we do about it?

One of the first aspects of putting we should look at is accuracy and alignment.

Are you lining up the ball properly or is the club you are using simply not helping enough on the greens?

For putting accuracy we are a big fan of center shafted putters.

Why? because they have an extra feature that other putters do not have and that is that you have a clear line of sight from looking down over the top of the putter down to where the ball is located.

Most golf blogs or experts advise you to buy the latest golf putter from brands like Callaway, Ping, Taylormade or Cobra.

But we have discovered that some of the best ways to improve putting alignment are to fall back on old-school methods.

Strip down your technique to its simplest form whilst playing with a putter that offers the easiest way to line up and sight a golf putt.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a low, high, or medium handicapper; obtaining higher putt accuracy should always be a high priority.

There are a couple of rules to think about when considering changing your putter. 1: Mallet putters are good for straight swinging putters, and 2: blades are best for players who are their backswing on an angle.

So that narrows things down a little bit, right? Want that again?….

MALLET PUTTERS = If you putt with little tolerance on your backswing and you hit the ball dead square on the clubface check out our top-rated mallet putter for alignment accuracy.

BLADE PUTTERS = If your swing is not straight and comes down on the ball at an angle (could be big or small) then a blade putter, like the s7K putter is most likely to suit your game best.

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: Center shaft putters are the ace cards in the pack and provide the best way for golfers to improve alignment from club to ball and boost overall accuracy.

These types of putters tend to be mallet shaped, but we have found some of the best performing putters are simple in design, have a medium grip or thick grip, and either a single bend, double bend, or short hosel.

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Taking everything into account, including performance, price, value for money, alignment features, and design quality, we feel that overall for 2024 the best club for alignment accuracy is the Odyssey Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter from Callaway.

It’s not the cheapest but has proven to be one of the highest-performing putters out on the current market.

In the video above, Amanda Balionis from Odyssey Golf explains the features of the v-line range of putters.

Note that in the product demo the putter featured is the double bend and flow neck variant; near the end of the presentation she does mention the center shaft option which is our recommendation.

1. V-Line Center Shaft Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter [Top Pick]

Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter (Right Hand, 34', V-Line - Center Shaft, Oversized Grip) , Black

We really liked the clean design of this club, and it has all the features you would want from a premium club including the choice of either an oversized (not SuperStroke) or pistol grip.

The alignment line is clear and accurate, so when you line up the club behind the ball the white color really stands out from the rest of the club head.

For those of us that are getting a little bit older and our eyesight is not the best anymore, the contrast of color stands out.

And because the shaft is center aligned, there is no interference or distractions when looking down over the club to the alignment marker line.


  • A good weight ratio feels very balanced in the grip.
  • Strokelab technology promotes repeatable putting action.
  • Super dynamic graphite shaft that weighs less. The gained weight is transferred to the grip end and clubhead for greater balance.
  • The center shaft version is face balanced – no toe line, which promotes greater forgiveness.
  • Microhinge placement on the clubface – part of the Odyssey “White Hot” feel.


  • We like the thicker grip on the shaft. Feels very responsive in the hands.
  • The updated insert faceplate has improved significantly over the previous model.
  • The club head is quite big, which increases MOI and this more forgiving.
  • Blade putter purists should try this club out, it’s very light and well-balanced.
  • The stroke lab shaft, half steel/half graphite, is very stiff and clean looking – use this as an additional alignment tool.


  • You might need to save up for this one – it’s not cheap.
  • No additional weight options on the club head.

Overall, this V-Line Center Shaft is an excellent putter.

It has good balance and is not overly complicated in design, making it a good choice for a variety of golfers, including senior players, low, mid, and high handicappers.

Mallet putter fans who need a reboot to their putting game could also benefit.

The price is not too expensive, and it comes with a very nice-looking clubhead cover.


2. Ray Cook Golf SR500 Limited Edition Red Putter

The SR500 is a mallet-style putter with a growing fanbase who appreciate improved putting over 6ft.

Ray Cook is not one of the big brands in US Golf, but with over 125 reviews and a reputation for reliability on the golf course, this limited edition putter is a serious contender for winning the best putter for accurate alignment award for 2023.

The club is designed for golfers who prefer a medium to heavily weighted putter whilst still offering decent ball control and touch.

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This is an offset putter – the head is positioned slighter further back from the shaft, to allow hand position to be always ahead of the ball.


  • Cheap to buy, and good for golfers who are new to mallet putters.
  • Solid and heavily weighted clubhead whilst still offering a good, responsive feel.
  • The grip is thicker and more substantial than on some big brand putters.
  • The alignment lines are apparent – the offset clubhead makes the line of sight unobtrusive.
  • Try this club if you are missing longer putts, the heavier clubhead should help with improving consistent long putting.


  • Some reports of the paint flaking off after a few months.
  • There is no adjustable weighting feature on the club head.


3. TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

It’s time to bring out the big guns, and the Spider X from TaylorMade is ripping up the greens with the new truth path alignment system, which is the latest innovation from TaylorMade.

This new system features a re-engineered clubhead with improved target line markings to help golfers improve putting accuracy from tricky and hard-to-read green shots.

This club also has weight ports and a strong steel shaft that is designed to eliminate club twisting in the hand.

The club is versatile with 33, 34, and 35-inch length versions, which should cater to all heights, including ladies, seniors, and men to tall golfers over 6 feet and petite players who can choose the shorter shaft.


  • The flagship 2023 putter from TaylorMade incorporates cutting-edge technology.
  • Adjustable clubhead weights for a fully bespoke golf putter.
  • True Path Alignment System – designed for a smoother and more accurate putt.
  • Left-hand and right-hand options and variable shaft lengths (33, 34, and 35 inches).
  • The insert is thicker than previous models and enhances true roll.


  • This is the club the pros are using on the PGA – expect to pay a premium price.
  • It has a single bend hosel fitted – you may prefer center shaft.


4. Cleveland Golf Frontline Elevado Putter

The Elevado is perhaps one of the most advanced putters on the market today.

The tungsten weighting is complimented by two stability wings that bring an even balance to the putting stroke.

The hosel type is described as a single bend, and golfers with a straight putting technique will benefit most from this club.

The mallet design is set off by the face insert, which utilizes “Speed Optimized Face Technology” from Cleveland, which helps by being more forgiving and improves ball distance consistency on longer putts.

For accuracy and better alignment, Cleveland has a technology called 2135.

This is the overall height of the club head (21.35 mm) that has proven to offer the best view for shot alignment and putt accuracy through testing and research.


  • Super balanced and aerodynamic forward-weighted clubhead with two counterweights.
  • 2 hosel types on offer – slant neck (for moderate toe hang) and single bend (for face balanced toe).
  • High-quality tungsten insert for responsive and clean contact on the ball.
  • A very good line of sight, from over the club’s top to the ball on the ground.
  • The 3-degree loft ensures the ball is hit in the middle and rolls evenly on impact.
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  • Mallet style – fans of blade putters, may find this design too radical.
  • No center shaft option on the hosel.


5. Odyssey Red Ball Putter

Despite being one of the strangest-looking putters, the Odyssey Red Ball has proven to be an effective club for golfers wanting to sink more putts from 3ft and more.

The red ball is, in fact, real and used as an alignment tool that helps golfers to get into the correct position before putting.

We all fall into bad habits when playing golf.

This club is like having a coach on the greens who ensures your hands, body, and eyes are in the right place before you take that backswing.

If your alignment is off, the ball is not centered inside the clubface.

To make this club work better for you, it’s important that the bottom of the club is level against the ground this ensures the red ball does not give a false reading.

The club has a large MOI to spread the weight around the perimeter of the clubhead evenly.

The current price point gives this club our number 5 spot for best putters for accuracy in 2024.


  • Innovative red ball alignment feature that corrects bad posture when putting.
  • A small toe hang rating to help golfers that have a slight arc.
  • A big white alignment line compliments the red ball.
  • Features the Odyssey White Hot mesh face insert for improved sound and contact on the ball.
  • High-quality steel shaft with D-rated shoe width.


  • The circumference of the clubhead is big with a high MOI, so it might be a little awkward for smaller players to handle.
  • Wet grass can get caught up in the mesh face, so you have to wipe clean after every putt.


The 5 Easiest Putters to Align

This wraps up our review for the most accurate and easiest putters to align for 2024.

Our top 5 contain a nice mix of blade and mallet putters, with our overall #1 rated putter being the Lab Versa Putter from Odyssey.

It is quite expensive, but the quality of the design and performance on the greens just gives it the edge over the SR500 from Ray Cook golf.

The club is also built to last and should sit happily in your golf bag for the next 3-4 years.

If you are on a tighter budget, check out the Limited Edition Red Putter.

It’s light, performs well in all weather conditions, and the 70-degree lie is recommended for most average golfers.

We also like the offset hosel, which helps to ensure your hands are always in front of the ball.

All the clubs reviewed are designed to help keep your putting technique in check.

After all, it’s quite easy to fall into bad habits, and we can help eliminate this by introducing little fallbacks and using equipment features like the red ball in the Odyssey Red Ball putter.