The Best Indoor Home Putting Green

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Indoor putting mats can help elevate your golf game by improving your putting stroke all year-round. It’s not every day that you can go to the course and practice, so the next best thing is to simulate the outdoor green conditions with the best home putting green so you can practice until you perfect your stroke.

But not all putting mats are created equal. They come in different variations to suit golfers’ specific putting needs.

With the assortment of golf mats and carpets in the market, choosing the best home putting green can be extremely challenging.

SHORT ON TIME? Our #1 pick for 2021 is the No products found.. The best overall indoor home putting green.

When you’re presented with so many options, you have to identify what you’re specifically looking for in a home putting green so that you can narrow down the list.

Typically, you have to consider the size, material, design, durability, portability, and cost. More importantly, you have to take into consideration how a specific model or style can help you improve your putting performance when you’re finally playing at the golf course.

It has to match your putting stroke and general playing style as well as your skill level.

We’ve scouted the numerous options and came up with the five home putting greens that tick all the right boxes when it comes to improving your game at home.

Do Indoor Putting Greens Help?

Not all golfers can afford to go to the golf course daily to practice their putting. So the best alternative is to practice indoors using putting mats.

Having a mat to practice on can help you find your stroke, learn how to better control the speed of your putt, and help you become more consistent in the way you strike the ball from different distances. It can also help you better read a putt and hit your intended line more accurately.

The more you practice, the more you can experiment and figure out different ways to work on your weaknesses. It’s the consistent practice and repetition that improve your skills. It will also help you become confident not just with your putts but also with your decision-making.

Indoor Putting Mats – Our Top 5 Picks for 2021

Practicing with purpose will tremendously help your game and if you have an indoor mat that closely replicates the putting green, you’d be closer to mastering the shorter putts.

1. FORB Home Golf Putting Mat

FORB’s highly portable putting mat is made of non-crease polyester designed to mimic the typical putting greens at golf courses. The smooth surface allows for a consistent ball roll every time you putt and the green doesn’t affect the ball’s break.

No products found.

The mat is attached to a 50mm foam base which provides stability when placed on any type of floor surface. It comes with three holes, each measuring 4.5 inches in diameter. The holes are strategically positioned on a 2-inch incline so that you can practice putting from different angles.

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It adds more variation and challenge to improve your short game. It allows you to experiment with the speed and accuracy of putts for more realistic practice. It’s also well-suited for your chipping game as long as you put it on the right surface.

Available in 10ft and 12ft variants (2.6ft in width), the No products found. does not take up a lot of space. It can be used in homes or offices. The ultra-durable EVA foam, which serves as a base, enables you to use the mat on outdoor surfaces too. So you can use it in the backyard if there’s no room inside the house.

The mat is lightweight and portable. It can be easily rolled up and conveniently stored away. You can bring it with you when you go on a trip so you don’t miss your practices.


  • The high-quality turf gives a smooth ball roll with a satisfying finish.
  • Perfect for short game practices to improve short distance putts.
  • The uphill and downhill replicate surfaces on actual greens.
  • Incredibly easy to store and transport.


  • The matt does not completely lay flat after it has been rolled up for an extended period of time because the foam has a memory.

No products found.

2. Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green with Return Ball Function

Abco Tech really thought things through to deliver a golf putting green that’s packed with features that make short game practices even more fun. This mini golf putting set comes with a two-hole golf mat, a ramp and 3 bonus practice balls.

Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green – Portable Mat with Auto Ball Return Function – Mini Golf Practice Training Aid, Game and Gift for Home, Office, Outdoor Use – 3 Bonus Balls

The pressed plastic ramp has a built-in gravity ball mechanism to enable the automatic ball return function. This means more putting and less retrieving on your part. It makes you focus on your practice and let the smart mat do the heavy lifting – imagine how many more putts you can take in one practice session!

The ramp and extended mat may look bulky, but it’s actually easy to assemble and store away. The mat rolls up easily and the gutter slats snap into place perfectly.

The Abco Tech Putting Green, including the gutter, is lightweight and portable so you can also use it in the backyard, lawn, rooftop, or balcony.

The mat has one regulation-sized hole and one smaller hole with an auxiliary line of sight. This is designed to cater to golfers with different skill and proficiency level. The two-toned green mat actually has two different textures that simulate the feel of two different putting greens.

Its rubber-backed turf adds durability and stability so it can withstand many hours of intense putting practice.

There is a holder for a golf club and three golf balls on the platform and the frame also serves as a backstop so the balls don’t go rolling off the ramp.


  • The mat lays flat on indoor floor surfaces.
  • Auxiliary line makes for a more consistent and accurate stroke.
  • Auto ball return saves a lot of time retrieving balls.


  • As the incline is too steep, it does not simulate actual golf putt in the green. You need to hit the ball extra hard to get it to the hole, this means the ball accelerates as it approaches when it should be slowing down.


3. SkyLife Golf Professional Putting Green Mat

Designed to simulate real putting turf, SkyLife uses realistic 10mm artificial putting grass that actually feels top quality when you take it out of the box. (There is some sheeding of course, it’s just crushed grass that accumulates on the mat during manufacturing.)

SkyLife Golf Putting Green Mat 3.3'x10', Professional Golf Practice Trainning Aid System for Home Office Indoor Outdoor Use (3.3'x10')

What makes it look realistic is that the putting green is surrounded by 35mm rough grass that also doubles as a backstop to prevent the ball from rolling off-course. The 2.5 x 10 and 3.3 x 10 putting mats come with two regulation-sized golf holes, two stainless sail cups, and two flags to complete the mini golf course look.

The green has a 10mm heavy-duty rubber base that gives the mat its durability. Although the rubber backing is thick and sturdy, you can still roll up the mat easily for storage. It’s surprisingly pliant and portable so you can bring it with you anywhere.

It’s designed for home and office use, but the SkyLife Putting Green is durable enough for outdoor use and can be placed directly on any surface, including mud, grassland and uneven ground.

A removable slope base variant is also available and it comes with double holes (1 standard and 1 smaller size), putter holder, and auxiliary line. You can select this if you want to play with family for a friendly competition.


  • Different size options allow you to choose the size based on the floor space.
  • The mat lays perfectly flat on the floor even after it’s been rolled up and stored for a while.
  • You can achieve true roll. The ball rolls at a speed that mimics actual green condition speed.
  • Multiple holes enable you to practice putting on different targets from anywhere in the green in different directions.
  • Left-handed golfers can practice on their preferred spot.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Some reviews indicate a little “shedding” of the mat surface.


4. Rukket Putting Green & Golf Chipping Net Bundle

The Rukket putting green golf mat is a great training tool for indoor and outdoor practice. It comes with three cups, three alignment balls and hazards.

Rukket Golf 9x3 ft Putting Green | Indoor & Outdoor Mini Putt Mat for Office & Backyard | Practice Puttout Set Game for Adults & Kids | Miniature Putting Home Training Aid with Alignment Balls

It is bundled with a chipping net so you can work on improving your chip shot. The net has a target you can aim to improve your accuracy. It also comes with side pockets to catch the missed shots.

Unlike other putting green, Rukket designed this mat to help improve the golfer’s stroke. With the special alignment balls, you can correct your putting set-up and alignment. Instead of the typical ball marker with a line on the side of the golf ball, Rukket uses a half-and-half color scheme (black and white) to help line up the putt.

If you strike a good putt, the ball will roll end over end. With repetitions, you’ll be able to line up the ball correctly at the starting line and use it as a reference point to ensure that the putter face is aligned to give you a higher chance of a great putt.

The three holes in different locations are designed to help make some corrections or adjustments to your stroke without having to move around.

The mat is lightweight so it’s highly portable. It can be used at home, in the office, or anywhere with big enough space to accommodate the size of the putting green (34 in x 99 in). It doesn’t require any complicated set-up.


  • Easy set-up; you just roll the mat on the floor and practice right away.
  • Rubber coating at the bottom keeps the putting green in place.
  • The mat lays perfectly flat straight out of the box and there’s no need to set it or flatten it.
  • Simulates the real turf feel and gives a realistic ball roll on the green.


  • Multiple cups are made of flimsy lightweight foam that has questionable long-term durability.


5. Clevr Putting Green Mat

Clevr is a portable turf mat designed for practice and training for golfers of any skill level. The mat is made of high-grade synthetic grass that mimics the look and feel of the turf in a real putting green. It measures 9.9ft x 1.7ft, which is ideal for homes or offices with long and narrow spaces.

Clevr Putting Green Mat - Portable Synthetic Turf Mat - Outdoor and Indoor - for Practicing and Training – for Home Office or Backyard 9.85ft x 1.64ft

The 10mm putting green mat is surrounded by 30mm artificial green grass, which also acts as a barrier to prevent the ball from overshooting the putting green.

It has a durable 8mm rubber base with a 30mm slope. There are two holes on the mat, one bigger than the other, but both are smaller than the regulation size hole. They are located on the elevated part of the mat for a higher finish.

Another hole on the rough green serves as a holder for the putter. The Clevr Putting Green Mat is designed for putting practices and the aiming line helps new golfers develop and improve their alignment skills.

It may look bulky because of the thick base and the green, but the mat is surprisingly pliant and compact when rolled up. It’s portable and can easily be carried anywhere. It can also be used for fun and games.


  • Smaller holes and long alignment line help with improving putting accuracy.
  • Portability allows you to practice anywhere.
  • Designed for beginners who want to work on their putting stance and swing.


  • Since it comes folded, it takes a while to lay flat on the floor. You need to either let it sit for a long time or put a little bit of pressure to get rid of bumps and creases.
  • Grass tends to shred with after around 200 uses.


How to Improve Golf Putting – Practice Indoors

Indoor putting green mats are very much in demand because it allows golfers to practice their putts and chip shots even if they are unable to go to the golf course.

The golf putting mats in this review were selected and evaluated based on several criteria including quality, portability, features, materials, training, ease of use, features and benefits.

It is our opinion that the No products found. is the best overall indoor home putting green.

These practice mats are not just carpets with holes; they are actual golf training tools to help you improve and perfect your putting strokes – they are specifically designed to address a golfing need or issue such as pulling the ball to the left or right. Some have more features because they target specific types of golfers.

Some of them target beginners while others target advanced users so the best thing to do is to identify exactly what golf issues you need to work on and select the best home putting green mat that meets your needs and solves your problems as a golfer.

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