Best Golf Cart Rentals in Siesta Key, Florida

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Renting a gold cart in Siesta Key, Florida is one of the best decisions you’ll be glad to have made. They’re handy when you’re enjoying a relaxing day at a goal course teeing.

Or perhaps you might need it when you’re roaming around the island enjoying the cool breeze. Due to the popularity of these rides on the island, it pays to reserve one early.

The best thing about getting a golf cart is convenience. Not just in the golf course, but when exploring the surrounding area. With a carrying capacity of 2-6 people, it’s the best choice for mobility whether you’re couples, friends, or family.

Since the island has a speed limit of 30mph, this rules out the need for renting a car.

When choosing gold cart rentals, it can be overwhelming due to the vast options available, but not on our watch. ‘Cause, we’ve reduced the list of options to three of the best golf cart rentals in Siesta Key, Florida for easy selection.

1. Robinhood Golf Cart Rentals

When it comes to convenience, none of the golf cart rentals stand out as Robinhood golf cart rentals. Situated about 2.0 miles from the heart of Siesta Key, it’s among the few rental companies in that area.

Furthermore, they are a good company to work with if you’re on a budget. Thanks to their flexible rental rates, you can save a lot and still enjoy the comfort when traveling around Siesta Key.

So, if you want to ride around Siesta Key in style while enjoying the picturesque view and cool breeze, don’t hesitate to contact them.

But most importantly, they’re offering golf carts with various carrying capacities. So if your entire family is tagging along during the trip, you’ll find an option that fits you.

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Lastly, remember to bring along your driver’s license since you may have to provide it when renting their vehicle. Besides that, anyone over 21 years can rent and drive their golf carts.

Daily Rates: Ask about current rates.
Distance: 2.0 miles from Siesta Key through Beach War Dr
Address: 5255 Ocean Blvd, Siesta Key, Florida
Phone: 941-554-4242
Web Address:

2. ZoomAround Golf Cart Rentals

If you’re looking for a reliable golf cart rental company, well, ZoomAround golf cart rental fits that description. They not only offer golf carts for golf courses or street riding, but they can also deliver them.

Yes, you heard that right. ZoomAround golf cart rental also offers delivery services if you can’t make a trip to their onsite location.

And thanks to these services, you can invest your time in other exciting ventures as you await the vehicle delivery. So, whether you’re in Siesta Key for leisure or business duty, you’ll like their services.

Besides convenience and reliability, comfort is another prime aspect when it comes to this company. Offering top-of-the-class golf carts, you’ll be riding some of the finest and most comfortable options in the region.

They’re also handy in various terrains thanks to their high ground clearance on some of the models they rent out.

You might notice that ZoomAround golf cart rental rates may be higher than their counterparts.

But that’s compensated with exceptional customer services and reliable golf carts you can rent for various purposes.

Besides delivery, don’t bother taking the golf cart back when you’re done with it. They also provide pick-up services to all their clients who need this service.

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Daily Rates: Reach out and ask about current deals.
Distance: 9.6 miles from Siesta Key through S Washington Blvd
Address: 5160 Middle Avenue Sarasota, Fl 34234
Phone: 833-966-6276
Web Address:

3. Suncoast Golf Carts Rentals

Are you searching for a golf cart rental that will fit your individual needs to your satisfaction? Well, reach out to Suncoast Golf Carts Rentals. Situated a few miles away from the heart of the island, you’ll be intrigued by their services.

Serving both the locals and visitors, rest assured their services are commendable. And with their specialty in this industry, they’ve got some of the best golf carts with decent comfort.

Thanks to their flexible services, you can rent their golf carts for various purposes. So, besides use in various golf courses, their carts are available for rentals if you’ve special functions.

From attending corporate events to church, sports, and festival functions, they are ready to serve various individual needs. And to make your choice for golf cart even easier, they’re offering both electric and gas-powered vehicles.

Therefore, if you’re championing a green planet, there’re electric golf carts at your disposal.

And if you want to cover larger grounds when exploring the island, you’ll love the gas-powered golf carts.

Daily Rates: Check website for current rates.
Distance: 4.4 miles from SiestaKey through State Hwy 758/ Midnight Pass Rd and FL-72E.
Address: 3805 Clark Road, Sarasota, Florida 34233, United States
Phone: 941-260-9893
Web Address:

Lastly, a weekend gateway in Siesta Key is bound to offer the best experiences ever. Hosting a wide range of great golf courses, you and your travel buddies will have a lot to do.

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Not to mention the pristine sandy beaches and striking attractions spread all over this island. Therefore, renting a golf cart is not a matter of choice, but an essential in your to-do list.

It will ensure your visit to this island remains the best decision and a memorable one. To ensure your choice for a golf cart doesn’t disappoint, choose one of the best golf cart rentals in Siesta Key from our list.