Best Golf Cart Rentals in Marco Island, Florida

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If you’re searching for a golfer’s paradise for a weekend gateway, Florida Gulf Coast will be the place to be. Prominent for hosting the best golf courses in the region, it’s a paradise for golfers.

There’s an abundance of warm weather and easy accessibility thanks to golf carts. Like other parts of southwest Florida, Marco Island is no exception.

There are vast numbers of golf courses providing you with enough options to choose from.

Golf Carts or small SUVs are handy in various ways besides ferrying your golf clubs around the course. They have a compact design with a capacity to support as many as 8 people. And if you need an easy and comfortable way to explore Marco Island, they’re the best means of transport.

If you’re looking for the best golf cart rentals during your visit to Marco Island, Florida we’ve got you.

Here are the top three options you can choose from:

1. Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals

Marco Island Golf Cart rentals provide fun and excitement to their clients with an open concept golf cart. What’s more, their golf carts have a jeep design with a larger ground clearance enhancing riders’ comfort in various terrains.

Providing a 6-seater as a standard design, feel free to bring along friends for a group adventure.

To enhance customer satisfaction, they are offering both deliveries and pick-up services.

And this service applies to all corners of the Island. If you’re planning to explore all corners of the Island with rough and smooth terrain, contact them.

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However, the only setback with Marco Island Golf Cart rental is their refund policy. While others like Beach Bugz offer a complete refund within a certain time frame, they don’t.

According to their policy, there’s no refund, however, you’ll receive one year credit after a one-week notice.

Daily Rates / Cost to Hire: Check website for up to date information.
Distance: 5 Minute drive, 2.3 miles through Bald Eagle Drive
Address: 815 Bald Eagle Dr #201, Marco Island, FL 34145
Phone: (239) 345-2260
Web Address:

2. Sun and Fun Sport Rental

While they are more costly than Beach Bugz Cart Rentals (see below), sun and fun sport rental offer free fuel refills. As such, they are still a good option to consider.

They offer some of the latest golf carts models, allowing you to keep up with the trend. To express friendliness, all their vehicles come in distinct lemon yellow color.

The golf carts are easy to drive and have a wide rooftop for effective shade and added comfort. Like other golf carts, it comes with an open concept that provides the best views when driving.

An important point to note, all their vehicles are 6-seaters so whether you are visiting the island as a group or with fewer people, you’re well covered.

However, to drive one of Sun and Fun Sports Rental golf carts, you must be over 21 years. Also, you’ll need a valid driver’s license as a requirement.

While they share some features with other rental companies, they have a special for golf carts only. The Twilight Special that allows you to rent their golf cart from 4-5 pm to 9 am. To enjoy this feature, ensure you select it during reservation.

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One final important feature is their 72-hour cancellation policy. If you provide notice 72 hours earlier, you can cancel without incurring a fee.

Rates: $199 for a 6-seater, $179 for a 4-seater (subject to change)
Address: 939 Chalmer Dr, Unit 7 Marco Island, FL 34145
Phone: (239) 747-5667
Web Address:

3. Beach Bugz Cart Rentals

If you are looking for a good deal on the Island that could fit your budget, try Beach Bugz Cart Rentals. They’re offering the most inexpensive way to venture into Marco Island. Offering both 6-seater and 4-seater golf carts, allows you to choose an option that fits your need.

What’s more, they also offer delivery services for convenience. At an additional small fee, they’ll deliver this cart wherever you’re on Marco Island. And the same applies when you want to return it.

They offer electric cars that are friendly to the environment. Therefore, you’ll be conserving the environment as you ride it around soaking the beauty of the island.

However, for those who want to experience the revving power of fuel-powered golf carts, they are also available. However, you’ll be responsible for refueling fees.

And thanks to their open design, you’ll be able to spot the entire Island’s beauty as you drive around. Therefore, reach out earlier and book if you want to drive one of Beach Bugz’s rental carts.

Daily Rates: $175 for a 6-seater (subject to change)
Address: 349 10th St N Suite A, Naples, FL 34102, USA
Phone: (239) 344-9099
Web Address:

Why You Should Rent a Golf Cart in Marco Island!

There’s no better way to explore and experience a stunning area like Marco Island than with a golf cart. Their open concepts ensure you capture every impressive site without living your ride.

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And thanks to the above three options, you’re able to have the best golf cart rentals in Marco Island, Florida.

They have what it takes to serve your travel needs whether it’s convenience, comfort, or budget. With an option like Beach Bugz Cart Rental, you can save a lot during the trip and still have fun.

However, if you want more stylish rides with impressive comfort, consider Sun and Fun Sports Rental. Lastly, Marco Island Golf Cart Rentals ensures you can explore every part of Marco Island.

All in all, the three cart rental companies offer reliable golf carts irrespective of which one you choose.