Best Golf Cart Rentals in Destin, Florida

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Spending a weekend or entire vacation in Destin, Florida is something that many people dream of. It’s renowned for nature trails, wildlife, and beautiful white sandy beaches thanks to the Gulf of Mexico.

Further, Destin is also host to some spectacular golf courses. And the likes of Emerald Bay, Indian Bayou, and Regatta Bay Golf, provide championship courses.

What’s more, Destin is home to some of the best tourist attractions. From stunning architecture and bustling nightlife to quiet and peaceful natural wonders, there’s a lot to see.

For a taste of this region’s heritage, there’re cultural and historical attractions that you need to explore. And with access to golf carts, your stay in Destin will be so memorable.

The golf carts will enable you to enjoy the limited time you have during vacation maximally. So, whether you’re exploring the city area or the countryside admiring nature, they’ll help you get there fast.

With that said, here are the best golf cart rentals in Destin, Florida. With only three options to choose from, you’ll have an easy time picking one to suit your needs.

1. Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals

Providing from 4-8 seat golf carts with free delivery and pick up, rest assured Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals has you covered. Their golf carts are all street legal meaning you can cruise the streets besides driving on the golf course.

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Their services include delivery to all their clients plus pickup at no cost. So, don’t let the location of their office bother you.

In addition, they’ll also give you one-on-one driving tips plus recommendations on the best places to visit. Most importantly, they’ll give you key tips on what not to do to avoid attracting golf cart fines.

Also, their golf carts are some of the best with great quality, comfort, and DoT certified. But that’s not all, they are also registered with the regional authority and fulfill safety requirements. Like vehicles, all their carts have wipers, windshields, seatbelts, horns, and lights.

When it comes to rental policies, all those over 21years and who have a driving license can book their rental carts. Only at Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals, they’re offering a special long-term package for those with temporary homes in the region.

Weekly Rates: 4-seater at $795, 6-seater at $895, 8-seater at $1,195 (subject to change).
Distance to Downtown Destin: 8.3 miles through US-98 E
Address: 316 S. County Hwy. 83 Red Snapper, Suites E-G Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
Phone: (850) 737-1046
Web address:

2. Destin Wheels

Destin Wheels, offer quality golf carts with remarkable comfort at an affordable rate. Also, all their carts are street legal allowing you to venture into every place in downtown Destin and further afield.

With the options like 4, 6, and 8 seat golf carts, they’re quite convenient and reliable. Also, they adhere to safety requirements ensuring your friends or family is safe during transportation.

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When it comes to golf cart features, they’re all gas-powered preventing the need to recharge them frequently.

Also, gas-powered engines cover more ground and can take on various terrain challenges. As a standard requirement across all their carts, each has a wiper, windshield, and seat belts.

Lastly, the company policy requires you to be over 21 years to rent their golf carts. also having a driver’s license is essential.

Weekly Rates: 4-seater at $525, 6-seater at $800, 8-seater $1050 (subject to change)
Distance from Downtown Destin: 7.3 miles through US-98e
Address: 196N. Holiday Rd. Miramar Beach FL 32550
Phone: (866) 651 – 1869
Web address:

3. Good Times Car Rentals in Destin

Good Times Car Rentals in Destin is known for providing the latest 6-seater golf carts models. To cater to all their clients, the company offers delivery and pick up throughout the region.

Like all other golf cart rentals, their vehicles are street legal which is an opportunity to visit various places. Unlike others, Golf Times Car Rentals only provide 6 seat golf carts. they are well equipped and fitted with extension cords for easy charging.

On rental policies, the driver has to be over 25 years with a legal driver’s license. Also, you’ll need to have insurance cover.

In addition to presenting the golf cart to you after renting, you can also benefit from golf cart tips on places that are recommended to visit. With some neighborhoods having private roads, it’s important to note those that don’t allow golf carts to avoid fines.

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Weekly Rates: Prices vary with season, therefore, call for the latest current rates
Distance from Downtown Destin: 4.7 miles through US98-E
Address: 34990 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Suite 351, Destin, FL. 32541
Phone: (850) -240 -5280
Web address:

Destin, Florida: Rent a Golf Cart!

Finally, if you are searching for the best golf cart rentals in the Destin, Florida area, you’ve got them. With the above three options, you are looking at the top options in the region. They’re all known to provide great services to both residents and visitors.

With all of them having a solid reputation, rest assured you’ll be receiving rental services from good golf cart rental service providers in the Destin beach local area.

Therefore, take time and revisit the article once more to discover which golf cart company fits you. Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact any of them when you visit Destin, Florida.