Best Backyard Golf Nets (For Real Practice Hitting!)

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Backyard golf nets are an excellent aid for golfers who are looking to maximize practice opportunities. Instead of having to play nine holes or head to the range all the time, relying on a backyard net enables you to work on your swing at your back door.

There are lots of different backyard golf nets to consider, incorporating a range of styles, designs, and functions, depending on what you’re looking to get out of your net.

To help you find the perfect net for your home practice setup, we introduce five of the best golf backyard nets available and explain to who they’re best suited.

By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to get started with your home golf practice routine and start working on your swing.

1. GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net - Huge 10' x 7' Size - Designed By Golfers for Golfers

This practice net from GoSports comes extremely highly rated and is perfect for practicing your long game at home. Choose from a 10×7 or 7×7 net, depending on the size of the available space at home, and save yourself money on range balls!

The net comes in a handy zip bag that makes it easy to transport from location to location, meaning you can move it around your home or even take it with you on your summer vacation!

The net is made from reinforced nylon, ensuring it won’t rip easily when you smash your drives into it from a short distance.

In terms of assembly, it’s really easy to put up in a matter of minutes and is just as easy to put down. You can use it inside or outside, but it’s best to store it in its bag to protect it from the elements, as it won’t last very long if you leave it exposed in your yard.

Overall, this is a great net for practicing your long game at home and saves you from heading to the range every time you want to work on your technique.

Best for: All golfers looking for a sturdy backyard golf net that is easy to set up and transport.

2. Golf Practice Net: 10ft x 7ft

Golf Practice Net, 10x7ft Golf Hitting Training Aids Nets with Target and Carry Bag for Backyard Driving Chipping - 1 Golf Mat -5 Golf Balls - 1 Golf Tees- Men Kids Indoor Outdoor Sports Game

Designed as a pop-up tent, this golf practice net is perfect for practicing various aspects of your golf game from home. At 10×7 ft, it’s big enough to practice your drives and iron shots, but there are also targets, and individual pockets within that are ideal for practicing your pitching.

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While the fiberglass poles will take a little bit of getting used to (in terms of setting it up), it’s easy enough to put together once you get the hang of it, and the poles do a great job of supporting the net once in place.

The net itself is made from high-quality Oxford cloth and is tear-resistant, meaning holes are unlikely to appear as you practice your driving and long irons from the backyard.

As a high-quality option for golfers of all abilities, this is another excellent net that is worth considering if you’re hoping to practice your short or long game from the comfort of your own home.

Best for: Anyone looking to mix things up by practicing their short and long game from home.

3. Heavy Duty Golf Practice Hitting Net

Heavy Duty Golf Net - Golf Net for Backyard Driving or Indoor Garage Golf Practice - 10x7 feet Hitting Net Area - Perfect Equipment for Any Golfer

Similar in looks to a backyard soccer net, this heavy-duty golf practice net is perfect for practicing your drives and long irons at home. It’s pretty big at 10×7 ft, and the heavy-duty net won’t wear out anytime soon, even if you practice often.

One of the best things about this net is that you can order an astroturf-like mat to accompany it, which makes practicing at home much easier. After all, you don’t want to create divots and ruin your beautifully manicured turf!

The strong steel frame is supported by fiberglass upright poles, meaning it will stand the test of time and can support even the most ferocious of drives.

While the net is undoubtedly designed with long game practice in mind, you can also use it for practicing your pitching, providing you stand close enough to the net to prevent your shot from flying over the top!

All in all, this is another great option if you’re hoping to practice your golf game from home. Well-built and durable, this net ensures you can practice your long game into the future from your backyard.

Best for: This net is heavy-duty, meaning it’s well-suited to players who have particularly high clubhead speeds and are planning to use the net regularly.

4. SAPLIZE Golf Net with Hitting Mat

SAPLIZE Golf Practice Net with Dual-Turf Hitting Mat, High Impact Net, 10x7ft Large Size with Chipping Practice Holes, Golf Hitting net, Driving Net, Training Net for Backyard

Made from a combination of Oxford cloth and reinforced polyester fabric, this golf net is perfect for practicing your drives in the backyard. Designed to replicate a common camping tent, its enclosed design protects your neighbors from wayward shots and ensures you don’t need to worry about your golf balls sailing into other yards!

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The net comes with three practice balls and a mat so you can set up in the yard without ruining your turf. While it’s definitely set up with long game practice in mind, you can also practice your pitching into the net, thanks to the three pockets that are fixed into the back of the netting.

While it might take you a few tries until you’re confident setting it up, within a few attempts, you should be able to set up and take down this net within just a couple of minutes. It folds down into a convenient back once you’re done, which is ideal if you plan on moving it from location to location.

Ultimately, this is another good net to consider if you’re keen to practice your golf game from home and is ideal for practicing both your long and short game.

Best for: All golfers looking for a well-designed golf net that comes with a practice mat.

5. SteadyDoggie Golf Net

SteadyDoggie Golf Nets for Backyard Driving, Golf Practice Net, Dual-Turf Golf Mat, Chipping Target & Carry Bag - The Right Choice of Golf Nets & Golf Hitting Nets, Golf Net for for Indoor Use

This golf practice net is easy to set up in minutes and is extremely well built. Although available to golfers of all abilities, it’s best suited to those who can hit straight more often than not, as the sides aren’t protected, and errant shots may find their way over your neighbor’s fence!

It comes with a practice mat included, meaning you can work on your long game without creating huge divots in your perfectly manicured lawn. The net itself is comprised of 0.75-inch square mesh and is extremely durable, so you can practice your drives and iron shots with the confidence that it won’t rip.

Another impressive feature of this net is that it comes with a chipping target that you can move around, depending on where you’re aiming. This gives you much more flexibility when you’re practicing your short game at home and gives you something to aim for.

Overall, this is another good net to consider, but due to its reasonably flat design, we wouldn’t recommend it for beginner players, as you don’t want your balls flying into the neighbor’s garden!

Best for: Accomplished golfers looking to improve their long or shot games from home. Its design means it’s not well suited to beginners.

Are Backyard Golf Nets Worth It?

Backyard golf nets are a great investment if you’re looking to improve your game. They offer you an excellent alternative to the driving range and mean you can practice your long and short game in your backyard, which will ultimately lead to much better scores.

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While smashing a ball into a net isn’t as satisfying as practicing on the range, it’s a great option if you don’t live close to your local club or if you want to loosen up and practice before you head out onto the course.

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to improve your swing and reduce your handicap, investing in a high-quality backyard golf net is definitely worth it and will save you money on range balls going forward.

Is a 7×7 Golf Net Big Enough?

7×7 golf nets will be big enough for some players, but if you want the extra security of a slightly larger net, it’s probably best to go for a 10×7 net. If you’re an accomplished player and capable of hitting the ball straight most of the time, then a 7×7 net will be more than big enough.

However, if you often mishit your shots and aren’t middling the ball more often than not, it’s much better to go for a bigger net to ensure your balls don’t fly all over the place!

After all, if you slice a shot way right put connect full pelt, you will have a lot of explaining to do if it sails through your neighbor’s window!

The bottom line is that you should think about your ability and the available space you have in your yard before deciding on how big your practice golf net should be.

A Good and Cheap Way to Practice at Home!

Investing in a backyard golf net is an excellent way of practicing your golf swing at home. It also means you don’t have to travel to the range every time you want to hit some balls, which will save you some money in the long run.

While there are lots of practice nets to choose from, those that we’ve introduced above are ideal for home practice, whether you’re looking to work on your short or long game.

The main thing you need to think about is the size of net best suited to your yard and ability, and we’d suggest opting for something slightly bigger if you’re a beginner golfer to make sure it catches those errant shots that you’re prone to!