Bandit Golf Balls Review: illegal to Use?

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The Bandit Golf Ball: A 2 piece golf ball improved to give you more distance and a better feel. The revolutionary new outer core technology increases initial velocity through a greater aerodynamic profile, and at the same time, results in an increased spin for control and a softer feel around the greens.

They claim It’s like stealing yards on defense and on offense. Bandit has two main products – Bandit SB (Small Ball Technology) and the Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls.

So, what is the fuss about – and are these balls even legal to use?.

What are Bandit Golf Balls?

Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Bandit golf balls are golf balls engineered to provide the distance and durability of a Noodle with the feel and spin of a soft balata wound – all while maintaining excellent speed through impact.

Bringing you an unparalleled experience of more control on full shots, as well as a great feel around the greens, the Bandit golf ball is designed to be the best all-around choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Packed with enhanced technologies, it has a softer feel for increased spin and longer carry, and its two-piece construction has a special core that ensures longer life, even in challenging weather conditions.

The result is an accurate and consistent ball that will help you hit more fairways and fewer trees.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the key features that make the Bandit Golf Ball stand out from the crowd.

6 Important Features of Bandit Golf Balls

Soft feel without sacrificing accuracy. Longer distance off the tee with control around the greens — if that’s what you’re looking for in a golf ball, Bandit has you covered here.

Good flight trajectory out of both metal and wood-type clubs. A tour-proven technology at an affordable price point.

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Bandit SB (Small Ball Technology) Golf Balls - Dozen

But if you still need more convincing before giving them a go yourself, enlisted are six features that make these balls stand out from their competitors.

1. Super Reactive Core for Greater Ball Velocity

A ball’s reactive core is what allows it to react to the movement of your clubface, which is one of many factors that contribute to how fast (or slow) a ball flies.

A good ball will help you strike it at more precise angles, increasing your ability to shape shots.

Bandit’s reactive core helps to maximize yardage from your shots.

The longer-lasting core means there are fewer opportunities for gravity and other forces to make you lose power over time.

As a result, you get an overall faster shot with less loss of velocity.

2. Revolutionary Aerodynamic Dual Radius 338 Dimple Design

Aerodynamics defines the science of forces acting on objects when in motion – in this case, it’s the ball.

The more aerodynamic a ball is, the more efficiently it interacts with the air around it, resulting in a longer flight and less drag on the way down.

The dual radius 338 dimple design on these golf balls produces less drag while reducing the number of dimples on the bottom of the ball.

Less drag results in a faster ball with a straighter flight.

It’s part of what sets Bandit apart from all other balls and gives you an advantage no matter how you slice it.

3. Optimum Gram Weight for More Roll

If there is one thing you want in a ball when driving off the tee, it’s roll. You need that extra distance to recover when you miss the sweet spot.

The optimal gram weight (OGW) of the Bandit Golf Ball is lower than most balls on the market today, ensuring more roll.

The whole purpose of OGW is to define the number of grams required to hit a standard swing, which will always deliver the optimum distance.

With the lower OGW, these balls allow for the added roll at full shots, which can make up for less powerful swings.

The overall result is the extra distance on the low end and extra roll on the high end –  a perfect recipe for hitting your driver straight and saving par on your approach.

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4. Enhanced Durability

The resilient, soft feel and enhanced durability of the Bandit SB and Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls make it the perfect ball for an amateur golfer who is still looking to improve.

With high-quality construction and a soft polymer shell, these balls l delivers the durability and feel that every amateur golfer should expect from a golf ball.

As an added bonus, the soft shell allows for a smooth transition from the clubface to the ball, which helps add extra spin for control around the greens.

5. Greater Spin Control

Spin is crucial in golf because it gives you control and consistency in your shots.

More spin means better control, and more control means straighter and smoother shots.

Unfortunately, low-reactive balls like the Titleist Pro V1 and other leading brands usually provide less spin around the greens, which means that it is more difficult to predict the trajectory and the landing area of the ball.

This leads to added difficulty when making short putts and chips.

6. Lower Drag Coefficient

In layman’s terms, a low drag coefficient means higher velocity.

You have probably heard the term “launch angle” when it comes to your driver’s trajectory.

This launch angle is directly related to your driver’s loft and is also connected to the amount of air resistance in the ball.

The lower the air resistance, the higher the launch angle, meaning more height in the air.

The greater the height in the air, the more roll it will have at the end of its flight. This means you can recover more when you miss your intended target.

The Bandit Golf Ball, with its lower drag coefficient, allows for faster flights, resulting in more roll for you!

Pros and Cons of Bandit Golf Balls

Bandit SB (Small Ball Technology) Golf Balls - Dozen

So overall in this review what are the pros and cons of these golf balls?


  • Superior construction leads to enhanced durability and a soft feel for all types of golfers.
  • Engineered for maximum distance with accuracy and control around the greens.
  • Enhanced spin control and improved accuracy for more accurate shots.
  • Faster & higher flights, resulting in more distance off the tee.
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  • Banned by the USGA. – uh oh!
  • Can gain an unfair advantage when playing with your pals.

Who Would Benefit from these Golf Balls?

If you find yourself searching for a great deal of distance from your ball or struggling to hit the ball long, the Bandit Golf Ball is a great choice for you.

It empowers you with all amazing benefits, with increased distance, better accuracy, and a greater feel on the greens.

It is ideal for golfers of all skill levels since it has everything an amateur or professional golfer needs for great results.

Just don’t use them for tournament play as they are classed as illegal.


1. Do Bandit Golf Balls Work?

Yes, Bandit Golf Balls are definitely worth looking into! They are definitely one of the best ball choices on the market today. They are designed to improve your ability to hit the ball further, with more accuracy, with a better spin around the greens, and with more control.

2. How Far do Bandit Golf Balls Go?

If your normal driving distance is a few hundred yards, you will be pleasantly surprised at how far the Bandit Golf Ball will go. With its enhanced aerodynamics and soft feel, you should expect an added bonus of 25 to 50 yards to your distance.

3. Are Bandit Golf Balls Illegal?

Yes, Bandit Golf Balls are actually banned by the USGA. Although they are still legal for play, all professional tours refuse to use them, as they give an unfair advantage to golfers who use them.

Have Some Fun – Try These Out?

Bandit SB (Small Ball Technology) Golf Balls - Dozen

If you are searching for a golf ball that will maximize your distance and accuracy then you should try both the Bandit SB and Bandit Maximum Distance golf balls out on the driving range.

They help enhance your ability to hit the ball further and straighter, while you will have a better feel around the greens.

They also have a softer feel for an easier transition from your clubface to the ball, which will result in an added spin for control and a softer feel around the greens.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one today and see the benefits for yourself!