5 Best Apps for Golf Swing Analysis: Reviewed!

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Are you looking for an innovative yet straightforward way to improve your golf swing? If so, you might have come across golf swing analysis apps, which provide you and your coach with the perfect opportunity to correct any faults in your swing.

But which are the best golf swing analysis apps out there? And how will they improve your game?

To help you decide, we introduce five of the best golf swing analysis apps for Android and iPhone and present our thoughts on the key features of each.

What are the Best Apps for Golf Swing Analysis?

Five of the best current apps for golf swing analysis are:

  • V1 Golf Swing Analysis App
  • Swing Index App
  • Swing Profile App
  • Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer
  • Mirror Vision Swing Analyzer

To help you decide which is best for you, we run through the features, pros, and cons of each before providing you with our overall verdict.

1. V1 Golf Swing Analysis App

The V1 golf analysis app is a feature-rich platform for players and instructors to communicate, review performance, and action feedback.

The app’s primary feature enables you to upload videos (240 FPS in HD) to the platform to review whenever you need them.

Once uploaded, you and your coach can make use of drawing tools, as well as slow motion and frame-by-frame shots to highlight areas of your swing that needs to be improved.

You can also trim and edit videos straight from the app and then save them to your library or cloud.

The app also enables you to connect to golf instructors near you if you don’t already have a relationship with a coach.

A free plan provides all of the above, or you can upgrade to the paid plan for $6.99 per month, which offers an enhanced, ad-free experience.

Pros of V1 Golf App

  • Excellent video quality and a range of editing tools to help you improve your swing.
  • Store your videos to the cloud to save on your phone’s storage.

Cons of V1 Golf App

  • The app is quite tech-heavy, which means it won’t be ideal for everyone. It takes a while to get used to the editing features in particular.
  • To share videos outside of the app (via social media or email, for instance), you need to upgrade to the pro version.
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Overall Verdict on V1 Golf Swing Analysis App

The V1 swing analysis app is one of the very best swing analyzers out there, and providing you can get used to the tech, it has the potential to transform your golf swing with the help of your coach.

Download V1 Golf App

2. Swing Index App

Central to the Swing Index app is SwingAI, a patented ‘learning machine technology’ designed to help players improve their swing.

In short, the app helps identify your primary swing fault and then provides you with the required steps you need to take in order to fix it.

You’re invited to upload two videos of your swing to the app, and a teaching pro will analyze each section of the swing and provide feedback.

You will then have a step-by-step guide on how to improve your faults and hopefully improve your overall game as a result.

The free version of the app will provide you with a personalized handicap challenge report.

But if you want to access the swing improvement features, you will need to sign up for the $14.99 monthly subscription.

Pros of the Swing Index App

  • SwingAI is an impressive and accurate way of analyzing your golf swing and will highlight the key areas you need to improve.
  • You don’t need to find your own golf coach, as the app sends your swing directly to vetted pros.

 Cons of the Swing Index App

  • You need to sign up for a subscription to benefit from the app. And at $14.99 per month, it’s a little pricey.
  • The fact that you can’t choose your coach might be a drawback for some, particularly if you have a good working relationship with a current pro.

Overall verdict on the Swing Index App

If you’re hoping for quick feedback on how to improve your swing dynamics and don’t have time to contact a coach yourself, then the Swing Index app is a great option for you.

Download Swing Index App

3. Swing Profile App

Swing Profile works similarly to the V1 analyzer and is the ideal teaching tool for golf coaches and their students.

As you record your swing, the app automatically detects it and plays your video back in slow motion upon completion.

This essentially allows your coach to deconstruct and analyze your swing without editing it themselves.

What’s more, the app automatically generates a swing sequence and enables on-screen editing to highlight teaching points and suggestions for improvement and correction.

The free version of the Swing Profile app is only available with reduced features, so you will need to upgrade to benefit from the app. It costs $9.99 per month for ordinary users and $19.99 per month for coaches.

Pros of the Swing Profile App

  • The app is really easy to use and comes with automated features. This enables your coach to get to work on your swing without having to edit videos endlessly.
  • You can upload your swing to the community section of the app and receive feedback from other Swing Profile users.
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Cons of the Swing Profile App

  • The free version of the app isn’t particularly comprehensive. To enjoy the features, you will need to sign up for a subscription.
  • Only available with iOS.

Overall verdict on the Swing Profile App

Swing Profile is an excellent choice for golfers who want to receive real-time updates from their coaches without having to visit in person. Ultimately, it can be a great way to improve your swing and overall golf game.

The only real downside is that there is no current version for Android users.

Download Swing Profile App

4. Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer App

Zepp is a little different from the apps previously introduced, as it requires a small attachment to complement the app download on your smartphone.

When you sign up, you receive a Zepp mount, which you attach to your golf glove.

Once connected via Bluetooth to the app, it tracks your swing and provides an analysis on your mobile device.

The latest iteration of the technology (Zepp2) comes with a range of improved features, including much longer battery life and the ability to connect directly to an Apple watch.

The other main feature offered by Zepp is the Smart Coach area, which includes personalized training videos from PGA pros to help you improve.

The Zepp mount costs around $150, and the app is free to download on iOs App Store and Android (Google Play).

Pros of the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

  • Zepp enables you to monitor and review your swing independently and in real-time.
  • The Smart Coach area on your Zepp app is filled with insightful videos and tips that are particularly useful to players of all abilities.

Cons of the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

  • You need to spend $150 to buy the motion mount to attach to your glove, which is a considerable outlay.
  • The Zepp app is based on self-improvement rather than using instruction. For some golfers, it can be a little daunting to review and improve their own swing.

Overall verdict of the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

If you like the idea of investing in additional tech to improve your golf swing, then the Zepp mount is an innovative and insightful way to learn and enhance your game.

Download Zepp Golf Swing App

5. Mirror Vision Swing Analyzer

The final golf swing app that we introduce here is Mirror Vision, which enables you to monitor and playback your swing from a range of angles.

The basic premise of the app enables you to watch your swing from two devices at the same time (hence mirror), which gives you additional points of analysis.

Once you’ve recorded your swing, you can then connect with your coach to review the footage and look for points of improvement.

You can download the Mirror Vision app for free and enjoy a short free trial. If you want to continue thereafter, it costs $35 per year to subscribe.

Pros of the Mirror Vision Swing Analyzer App

  • Reviewing your swing from multiple angles simultaneously is an excellent way to improve and eradicate any errors from your game.
  • The two-week free trial allows you to get to grips with the app before committing to a purchase.
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Cons of the Mirror Vision Swing Analyzer App

  • For the app to function on two screens simultaneously, it relies on Bluetooth and ‘peer-to-peer WIFI.’ If your course doesn’t have great reception, you might struggle to stay connected to the app.
  • Only available on iOS.

Overall verdict of the Mirror Vision Swing Analyzer App

Thanks to the two-week free-trial period, you can come to your own decision about whether the Mirror Vision app is suited to your needs.

However, we love the fact that you can review multiple angles of your swing, which can help your coach identify more areas of potential improvement.

With no Google Play option, Android users sadly miss out though.

Download Mirror Vision Golf Swing Analyzer App

FAQs: What You Need to Know About Apps that Monitor Golf Swing

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about golf swing apps.

When selecting a golf swing analyzing app, you need to find one that is easy to use and is compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

It also needs to offer in-depth analysis, which can help identify areas of your game that need to be worked on.

Are there Free Golf Swing Analyzer Apps to Download?

Yes, there are golf swing analyzer apps free to download. They provide you with the option of trialing the app before committing to a subscription. But ultimately, to get the most out of the apps and to benefit from the key features of each, you will need to sign up for a paid subscription.

Are Paid Golf Swing Analyzer Apps Worth it?

Paid golf swing analyzer apps are definitely worth the money. Recording your swing and then working with a coach to review and improve is an excellent way of improving your game and will make your investment more than worth your while in the long run.

Every golfer has a unique swing, and there are so many aspects of it that can be improved – if an app can even improve the last 10%, go ahead and download!

How Do You Analyze Data in a Golf Swing?

The best way to analyze data in your golf swing is to utilize technology. Whether you work with a coach at the range or download one of the apps introduced above, accessing your data is an important part of your progression as a golfer and will undoubtedly help you improve as a result.

Thanks to advancements in technology in recent years, we have access to a wide range of golf analysis tools that traditionally would only have been available to those at the elite level of the game.

Employing tech to help you improve your golf swing is a smart move and will help you cut out many of those shanks, thins, and tops that you dread as you step out onto the first tee.