AMT Golf Shafts: Review Checklist (Before You Buy!)

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Buying new shafts for your golf clubs can be a difficult process, given the huge amount of brands and models available. One such option is AMT shafts from True Temper.

But what can you expect from AMT shafts? Are they any good? And do any professional players use them?

Here, we take a much closer look at AMT golf shafts and help you decide if they’re the ideal shafts for your game this season.

What are AMT Golf Shafts?

AMT is an acronym for Ascending Mass Technology and the full title of these shafts explains the way in which they are designed. It means that the shafts increase in weight by 3-gram increments throughout the set, ensuring that the point of balance is also adjusted accordingly.

TRUE TEMPER New Dynamic Gold AMT 3-PW Iron Shaft Set S300 Stiff Flex .355' Taper

Simply put, AMT provides precision accuracy and ensures that golfers can achieve precisely what they’re looking for in a shaft. Each of the shafts in the AMT range – red, black, and white – achieve different things and are unique in terms of tempo, trajectory, and spin.

Given the incredible attention to detail and the fact that AMT shafts are the result of significant investments in R&D, these shafts are super popular at all levels of the game.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about AMT golf shafts, which will help you decide if this popular and high-performing shaft is a good option for your golf clubs this season.

Are AMT Shafts Good?

AMT golf shafts are manufactured to exceptionally high standards and are among the very best in the business as far as golf shafts are concerned. AMT developed an excellent reputation thanks to the performance of its Dynamic Gold shaft, which has long been popular with golfers.*

The latest releases in the AMT range have been built to the same high standards as the Dynamic Gold but incorporate various unique features that enable you to personalize your shafts to best suit your game.

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For instance, the AMT red is ultra-lightweight and provides outstanding spin and trajectory, while the AMT Tour white is a tour-weighted option that features low trajectory and spin.

As such, it’s fair to say that AMT shafts are an extremely attractive option for players at all levels of the game, and you can base your selection on your swing speed and setup, ensuring that you pick the correct shafts for your game.

Are AMT Shafts Carbon Fiber or Steel?

The AMT shafts in the current lineup are made from steel.** The steel is weighted differently in each of the shafts, providing a totally different shaft to suit the unique needs and preferences of golfers at different levels.

Essentially, the red is the lightest option, black is the middle option, and white is the heaviest, tour-weighted option. All of them are engineered to precision with high-quality steel and ascend in increments based on the club in your set.

While carbon fiber and graphite shafts are becoming more and more popular, many players prefer the solid, low torque feel provided by steel shafts, particularly those playing on Tour and players with low handicaps.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality steel shafts to add to your golf clubs this season, AMT is a brand that you absolutely need to consider.

What Models are in the AMT Shaft Range?

Presently, there are three models within the AMT range – red, black, and white. Helpfully, AMT makes it really easy to discern the differences between each of the shafts, enabling you to make a considered decision based on the nuances of your game.

TRUE TEMPER New 2018 AMT (Choose Color) Shaft Set (7 Total shafts) - 4-PW Tapered Tip (AMT Red, X-Stiff)

The AMT red is the lightest option, offering moderate tempo, high trajectory, and a high level of spin. The AMT red is a tour-grade shaft that comes with a moderate tempo, low trajectory, and low amounts of spin, while the AMT black is in between the two.

Each of the models features the characteristic AMT weight shift, allowing for 3-gram increments throughout the set from your 4 iron to your wedges. Again, this is what is so impressive about AMT shafts, as the engineers have taken into account the requirements of each of the clubs in your bag.

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All three options can significantly improve your game, but it’s worth considering your setup and swing type before opting for the ideal model of AMT shafts for your clubs.

What AMT Shaft Would Suit my Game?

As every golfer is different, you need to think carefully about the type of AMT shaft to add to your clubs. The three following succinct statements will help you decide which is the best AMT to suit your game:

  • AMT red is the lightest weight option, providing high trajectory and high spin, maximizing speed and launch. Ideal for all recreational golfers.
  • AMT black is the middleweight option, providing mid-high trajectory and mid-high spin. Ideal for mid-low handicappers.
  • AMT white is the heaviest weight option in the AMT range, providing the lowest trajectory and spin. Ideal for professionals and single-digit handicappers.

Of course, there are exceptions to the above rules, but the guidelines offer you a decent starting point when considering which of the AMT shafts to opt for.

You can always reach out to AMT to ask further questions about your suitability for each shaft, and you might also consult a club fitter for their opinion before ordering your chosen shafts.

AMT Shafts Red vs. Black

Although AMT red and black shafts are slightly different, they do feature the same increments between clubs, as is standard with AMT shafts. The table below highlights some of the differences between the two popular shafts:

ShaftFlexWeight TempoSpin Trajectory
AMT redR30094-106gModerateHighHigh
AMT blackR30094-115gModerateMediumMedium

While the above table indicates the features of the regularly weighted AMT shafts, you can also order AMT red and black as stiff shafts if you prefer.

This is something that we really like about AMT, as you can ensure that your order matches your exact preferences and requirements and ensures that you have the best possible shafts for your golf clubs this season.

What Pros Use AMT Shafts?

AMT shafts are widely used in golf and are popular with the top 100 golfers in the world.*** Many golfers have deals with True Temper – the company responsible for AMT shafts, and they regularly appear on the PGA Tour.

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The likes of Chris Kirk, Kevin Na, Zach Johnson, and Brandon Steele all use True Temper shafts, and even the legendary Tiger Woods has turned to True Temper in the past.

While the AMT black and red shafts have been designed with recreational golfers in mind, the AMT white shafts are tour-weighted and specifically engineered for use in the professional game.

So, even though you might not be an elite-level golfer, you can consider all three AMT shafts – red, black, and white, before settling on the perfect choice for your golf bag.

AMT Shafts for Sale? – Best Places to Buy!

You can buy AMT shafts directly from the True Temper online store, which is the ideal place to begin your research. Alternatively, eBay always has a good selection of golf shafts, and they are usually available for a good price.

However, when buying shafts from eBay, you need to make sure that you’re buying originals and not fake items, which tend to circulate on the platform from time to time.

Another option is to approach a custom club fitter in your area, as they will be able to get their hands on AMT shafts, which they can then install on your clubs on your behalf.

No matter how you go about buying them, AMT shafts from True Temper are excellent options for golfers at all levels of the game and will serve you well as you look to improve your golf game this season.


While there are lots of golf shafts available on the market, we really like the fact that AMT shafts feature unique technology and are available in increments that depend on the club in question.

So, be it AMT red, black, or even white, now is a great time to order some AMT shafts before heading to a club fitter to get them professionally installed.