Almost Golf Balls Reviews (Do They Hit Far?)

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When practicing golf at home, it’s important you have the right equipment. After all, if you use real golf balls while practicing inside or in the backyard, it’s only a matter of time before you hear the shattering of glass and have an expensive window repair bill to pay!

And that’s exactly where Almost golf balls come in. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and travel around 1/3 of the distance of standard golf balls.

So, if you’re planning to increase the amount that you practice at home, here are some of the reasons why you need to think about adding Almost golf balls to your bag.

What are Almost Golf Balls?

Almost golf balls are practice balls that are capable of carrying about 1/3 of the distance of standard golf balls. They are made from foam and weigh 13.5 grams, meaning they’re safe for indoor and backyard use.

They’re perfect for practicing pitching and putting at home, as well as for use on golf simulators and for use in backyard golf nets. Ultimately, they’re an essential addition to any golfer’s repertoire if you’re hoping to practice from home.

Almost Golf Balls Pack of ten with Tees Review

Best practice golf balls on the planet. Perfect for golf training. Solid contact for great feedback. Limited flight for backyard use. Safe for indoors. by AlmostGolf (10 Pack Yellow)

When you’re practicing your golf swing at home, using real golf balls is out of the question. After all, one errant shot could fly into the neighbor’s yard, smashing a window in the process.

This pack of Almost golf balls is just what you need to practice at home safely, without making too many adjustments. They’re capable of flying around 1/3 of the distance of standard balls, and they’re soft enough not to cause any damage.

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In spite of the differences to standard golf balls, the point of impact with these Almost golf balls is realistic, ensuring you can get a feel for how the ball should perform when you’re out on the course.

Best practice golf balls on the planet. Perfect for golf training. Solid contact for great feedback. Limited flight for backyard use. Safe for indoors. by AlmostGolf (10 Pack Yellow)

In other words, it ensures you can replicate your practice swings out on the golf course.

Included with all orders of Almost golf balls are five liberty tees that are great for practicing your long game. All in all, if you’re looking for practice balls that are safe to use and available for a good price, these Almost golf balls are just what you need.

Best for: Anyone looking to practice golf at home, be it on a golf simulator or with the aid of a practice net.

Will Almost Golf Balls Break a Window?

No, Almost golf balls are extremely soft and aren’t capable of breaking a window. They’re made from foam and weigh under 15 grams, whereas a conventional golf ball weighs around 45 grams.

Therefore, if you accidentally mishit a shot with an Almost golf ball, you can watch it glide towards your neighbor’s window without that dread in the pit of your stomach!

It also makes these balls ideal for your kids, as you can’t always control where their shots will end up.

But even though they’re a fraction of the weight of standard balls, Almost golf balls allow you to practice a whole range of golf shots realistically. This makes it easier to carry out any adjustments when you return to the course after your practice session.

How Far Do Almost Golf Balls Go?

Almost golf balls are capable of flying around 30% of the distance of standard golf balls. So, if you can usually hit your drives around the 200-yard mark with a standard golf ball, you can expect them to go around 66 yards with an Almost golf ball.

Best practice golf balls on the planet. Perfect for golf training. Solid contact for great feedback. Limited flight for backyard use. Safe for indoors. by AlmostGolf (10 Pack Yellow)

You should only use the 1/3 distance as a guide, as some people will be able to hit Almost golf balls further than others. But typically, you’re unlikely to be able to hit much further than 100 yards, giving you a good idea of the practice space that you need.

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Also, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t just use these foam golf balls to practice your long game. The balls are also ideal for practicing your irons, as well as approach shots and pitching and putting.

No matter what part of your golf game you’re hoping to improve, Almost golf balls enable you to work on it without worrying about damaging anything.

Can You Use Almost Golf Balls Indoors?

Yes, you can use Almost golf balls indoors, and they’re ideal for use with a golf simulator. As is the case with using any type of sports equipment indoors, make sure you have sufficient space, as you don’t want golf balls flying around the living room, even if they’re made of foam.

When you use these balls outdoors, remember that the wind will affect their performance. Foam balls go all over the place when it’s windy, and you will struggle to fix them on your tee while trying to take your shots.

As such, it’s best to use Almost golf balls inside when the wind is up, as you don’t want to be running all over your backyard chasing after your balls.

If you don’t have a golf simulator set up inside, these foam training golf balls are ideal for practicing your putting, and you don’t need to worry about chipping the paint off your walls!

Can You Use Almost Golf Balls with Sky Trak?

Definitely! Almost golf balls are perfect for use in SkyTrak, as well as other indoor golf simulators. This is true if you’re the one using the simulator or if you’re letting your kids try it out for the first time.

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The only drawback of using foam golf balls for your golf simulator is that the camera isn’t able to determine the weight of the golf ball. This means that some of your shots won’t travel as far as they would if you used a standard golf ball, but this is to be expected given the lighter weight.

While the reduced distance shouldn’t be significant enough to ruin your SkyTrak round, it might be worth taking a slightly bigger club if you’re hoping to get the most out of every shot you make.

Will Almost Golf Balls Work with a Garmin Launch Monitor?

Almost golf balls work with the Garmin Launch Monitor, as well as other monitors that use a radar. Again, you need to be mindful of the fact that the balls won’t travel as far as you would have liked, which is to be expected.

Garmin launch monitors are designed to be used with real golf balls, but switching to Almost balls is a good move if you’re keen on making your indoor golf simulator that little bit safer.

After all, if you mishit a conventional golf ball in your basement or garage, it could spell disaster for any valuables that you’ve got sitting out on shelves! This is what we love about these types of golf balls; they’re soft enough to be safe but mimic real-life shots beautifully.


If you’re planning to practice golf at home, investing in a pack of Almost golf balls is a smart move. They weigh a fraction of conventional golf balls and are capable of flying 1/3 of the distance, making them safe for indoor and outdoor use.

So, whether you’re getting the most out of your golf simulator or practicing your chipping in the backyard, a pack of these cool, practice golf balls is an excellent addition to your golf gear.