Air Conditioning For Golf Carts? (Keep it Cool!)

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Playing golf during the summer months is great fun, but when temperatures reach the 90s and 100s, things can get a little uncomfortable, even when you’re in a golf cart.

 So it prompts the question – do golf carts have air conditioning? And can you easily add an air cooling system to your cart?

In this article, we introduce you to a number of options for keeping the interior of your golf cart cool this season, so you can play at the height of summer without worrying about overheating.

Do Golf Carts Have Air Conditioning?

No, golf carts don’t come with air conditioning fitted as standard. While it would be a nice addition to golf carts – particularly those in use in warmer climes – air conditioning is not currently included in golf carts.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep cool when you’re in a golf cart, as there are several ways of adding a DIY cooling system that can make things a little bit more comfortable when you’re playing golf.

One of the best methods of cooling yourself down in a golf cart is to add a USB fan, which can keep you cool between shots or if you’re playing golf at the height of the summer.

Read on to find out how to add a cooling system to your golf cart and what your options are for keeping cool out on the course.

Can You DIY a Golf Cart Air Conditioner?

If you’re looking to keep cool while traveling in your golf cart, there are a number of DIY options to consider. First and foremost, you can buy a small golf cart air conditioning unit that you can attach to your electric golf cart.

These units are designed for use in 48-V electric golf carts and deliver 300 cubic feet per minute of airflow, making them a good option for most electric golf cart owners.

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They’re also easy to install, offering a simple DIY solution.

However, if you don’t want to pay to install a unit, there are other options available.

One of the best solutions is to simply buy a battery-powered portable fan, which you can then attach to the dashboard of your golf cart.

You can also use an air top, which is a popular solution for utility vehicle owners.

In the next section, we introduce some of these cooling methods in detail to help you understand your options.

How Do You Cool Down a Golf Cart?

As mentioned, there are several ways to cool down a golf cart, which is good to know if you regularly play golf at the height of summer. The best options include the following:

Golf cart air cooling fan

A golf cart air cooling fan is similar to an air conditioning unit and can be attached beneath your cart’s dashboard.

It’s a permanent air cooling system and is a particularly good option if you want to be able to draw on cool air every time you enter your cart.


Alternatively, you can install a battery-powered fan in your golf cart, which is a more affordable option than installing a cooling fan unit.

It’s also really easy to install and is a great option when you’re playing golf during the summer months.

Air Tops

Air Tops are units that are installed on the top of golf carts and are perfect for lowering temperatures by as much as 25 degrees.

They utilize a high-velocity blower and directional vents to keep you cool and are a permanent option popular in warmer climates.

What is a Kool Top on a Golf Cart?

Installing a Kool Air Top is one of the best ways to bring the temperature inside your golf cart down. Kool Air Tops use a high-velocity blower and directional vents that are powered by the cart batteries and a quiet and efficient 12v motor.

The unit is installed on top of the golf cart and keeps you cool throughout your round.

At just over $1,000, it’s an expensive solution, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best, as it reliably reduces the temperature inside the cart considerably.

What’s more, Kool Air Tops can be customized and configured to fit practically all golf carts, whether you drive a Yamaha or EZGO cart, for instance.

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Ultimately, if you’re looking for a comprehensive, permanent air cooling system for your golf cart, it’s difficult to look past a Kool Air Top, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best options for keeping you cool during the height of summer.

What About Portable Golf Cart Cooling Systems?

Of course, there are several options for keeping you cool without investing a considerable amount of money in a Kool Air Top. Perhaps the most convenient option is a portable unit that you can use in your cart.

Portable air conditioners come in many sizes and designs and are available at multiple price points, meaning that you can easily identify a portable solution to meet your requirements.

These portable cooling systems are similar to Kool Air Tops, with the main difference being that you can detach them from the roof of your cart to use on other vehicles or with other appliances.

Investing in a portable air cooling system can be a smart move if you don’t want to install a permanent air cooler in your golf cart, and it is an option that many golfers take.

What are Golf Cart Misting Systems? (Viable?)

Instead of going for an air conditioner or cooling system, you can choose to invest in a misting system for your golf cart. Misting systems work well in high and low humidity, as you can control the airflow and regulate the amount of mist released.

One of the best things about misting systems is that you don’t need to make any permanent modifications to your cart, and you simply plug the misting unit in and operate it from the dashboard of your cart.

The mister is battery-powered, and you can easily refill it as and when you wish to use it.

It’s also practically silent, meaning that it won’t interfere with your golf game.

Overall, golf cart misting systems work well and are a good alternative to air conditioning and air cooling systems for your golf cart and will help to keep you cool as you play golf this season.

Are Golf Cart Cooling Seat Covers Worth it?

One option for keeping cool out on the golf course is to install cooling seat covers in your cart.

They are made with a unique three-dimensional mesh material that offers cushioning while protecting you from a hot and sticky seat.

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Cool Dry Covers are available for various makes and models and can be easily fitted to your cart.

You can even opt to use them alongside one of the other cooling systems introduced here, as they also enhance the comfort of your cart as well as keeping you cool.

However, it’s fair to say that cooling seat covers aren’t necessarily as effective as some of the other methods introduced here, and if you’re really looking to stay cool, it’s best to opt for a cooling system as already introduced.

As we bring this article to a close, we introduce one of the best (and most affordable) ways to keep the interior of your golf cart cool this summer.

Quick and Easy Cooling Tip: Usb Golf Cart-Mounted Fan

An incredibly simple solution for keeping your golf cart cool is this USB-mounted fan.***

You can use it in your golf cart, car, and any other vehicle that you have, and it’s an excellent way of keeping the heat off.

The fan is powered by your cart’s battery and can be connected via USB, and it runs like a dream while you’re out on the course.

There are three-speed options to choose from, and it can reach 2053rpm on its highest setting, keeping you cool without disturbing your game.

Another thing worth noting is that the gooseneck fan is made from thick aluminum and is extremely durable, ensuring that it will last you a long time as you utilize it in your golf cart this season and beyond.

While all of the cooling methods introduced here are worth considering, this USB golf cart-mounted fan is the easiest and most affordable option and is a great way to cool down when playing golf this season.


While we all hope for good weather when playing golf, heading out onto the course at the height of summer can be overbearing. But by actioning one of the above cooling methods, you can play golf without worrying about overheating.

Whether you utilize a USB-powered fan or install an Air Top cooling system, act now to add some cooling to your golf cart and enjoy golf out on the course with the added luxury of air conditioning!

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