Aetric Golf Carts Reviews: (Any Good?) 8 Critical Facts!

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You’ve been searching the market for a perfect golf cart, and you’ve come across various brands. One name that might have caught your attention is the Aetric EVs, and you’re wondering if it would be a good purchase and you’re concerned about their aftersales services and dealership network?

Aetric has been around for 20 years and established as one of the top manufacturers. Based in Alabama, Aetric designs, manufactures, and sells new and used golf carts in economic price ranges. Our Aetric golf carts reviews guide will go into each topic covering the brand, from sales to parts and spares.

Aetric has a wide dealership network in major cities and offers spare parts, routine maintenance, repairs, and modifications as well. If you’re looking to buy or finance a top-quality golf cart, Aetric can be your optimal go-to place.

Are Aetric Golf Carts Any Good?

Yes! Aetric golf carts are robust in build quality, manufactured using premium material and state-of-the-art engineering techniques. Aetric has a rich history of building 4 and 6 seater golf carts that are reliable and loaded with a range of features and quality equipment.

You can always rely on the durability and solid performance of the Aetric golf carts, backed by an aftersales support network, and on top of that, not so expensive to buy.

How Much Do Aetric Golf Carts Cost?

The starting price for a brand new 4-seater Aetric HD golf cart is $8,950 and goes up to $11,500 for the top-of-the-line 6 seater SDL. The prices of Aetric golf carts fall in the same bracket as some of the leading brands, such as Yamaha and EZ-GO.

Aetric also offers a range of used golf carts that are a bit economical as compared to the brand new ones, with prices in the range of $7,000 to $8500.

From the monetary point of view, the prices of these products are comparable to those of the premium segment, but so are the quality and reliability. If you’re not looking to pay the whole amount upfront, you can also avail lease option via their finance department.

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Who Makes Aetric Golf Carts?

Aetric golf arts are manufactured and assembled by Hahm EV corporation, based in California. Aetric is a subsidiary of Hahm EV corporation and various other products are also made by them.

The parent company has collaborated with various suppliers that provide different parts for their vehicles, including motors and propellers.

Some of the plastic and electrical components of Aetric golf carts are produced in China and shipped over to the USA for final assembling.

Meanwhile, the major parts including body frame, metal components, Delta Q charging assembly, Trojan batteries, and Zapi speed control units are manufactured locally and assembled at their manufacturing plant in Alabama.

With in-house production of major products and ready availability of other parts, you can have confidence in the backup support of this well-reviewed company, if anything goes wrong with your golf cart.

Where Are Aetric Golf Carts Made?

The different parts and components of Aetric golf carts are manufactured at the Hahm EV corporation facility in California, and partly at the Aetric manufacturing plant in Alabama.

The making of Aetric golf carts is very interesting, as different parts are manufactured at different locations. Then shipped over to the main facility for assembling.

A few parts that are manufactured in China are imported directly to the USA, where the majority of parts manufacturing takes place. For example, HDK supplies a few parts for these golf carts to Hahm.

But the majority of important parts of Aetric are designed and manufactured in-house at the Hahm facility and final assembling and finishing are done at the Alabama plant.

Who are the Main Aetric Dealers in the USA?

The two main Aetric dealers in the USA are Aetric West, located at Rancho Mirage California, and Aetric Southeast, located in Alabama. Both of these are the main distributors of Aetric golf carts, for the dealers as well as consumers.

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The two main dealerships act as a sourcing point for the Aetric golf carts and provide these products to consumers and dealerships all over the country. These dealerships are also equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and maintenance equipment to ensure the delivery of premium aftersales services to clients.

Apart from the two main, company-run dealerships, the business has a huge network of dealers all over the country, who ensure the nationwide supply of their golf carts and spare parts.

Some of the other noteworthy dealers of Aetric products include Sportsman’s Marine in Alabama and Kitchens Trucks Sales in Arkansas.

What About Aetric Golf Cart Accessories?

There is a variety of accessories for Aetric golf carts that can enhance the looks, function, performance, and utility of these vehicles. The majority of these are custom built and offered by the company and there are many options in the aftermarket as well

Some of the popular accessories include:

  • Controls – These include Curtis and Zapi controllers for speed and other functions.
  • Dashes and Gauges – These show various information, such as speed and charge. All the golf carts have a digital gauge cluster.
  • Electrical – These include some electrical accessories like the onboard Delta Q charger and heater.
  • Carriage – To add utility to your golf cart, Aetric offers cargo boxes, receiver hitches, package carriers, luggage racks, and fasteners.
  • Mechanical – These include a few modification accessories to make your cart more maneuverable, such as the lift kit to raise the height.

Always choose OEM accessories for quality and an official warranty.

Can I get Replacement Aetric Cart Parts and Where?

Yes, you can get the replacement parts for your Aetric golf carts whenever required. The majority of the parts on these carts are easily replaceable and can be easily sourced through the official dealerships and distributors, or bought aftermarket from the local stores.

Golf carts are used in routine and on haphazard terrains, so they undergo wear and tear over time. The carts are designed and manufactured with these facts in mind and have parts that can be replaced easily.

You can easily get all types of replacement parts for Aetric golf carts from the dealerships or the company distributors. Although cheaper parts might be available in the aftermarket, we don’t recommend those due to low quality and no warranty that could spoil your cart.

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You must go for company-certified products and get replaced by expert technicians for the longevity of your golf cart and its crucial parts.

The Verdict on Aetric Golf Carts

As you can see from our Aetric golf carts reviews breakdown, this brand is gaining a lot of momentum in the market among golf cart enthusiasts, mainly because of their sleek design, top quality, range of accessories, and long-term durability.

This trusted brand has been in this business for over 2 decades and carries the engineering DNA and legacy.

Aetric gold carts are priced in the premium range and offer a lot of accessories and options. These carts do justice with their price tags and offer durability with up-scale features, similar to the other premium brands in the market.

Hahm EV corporation is the parent company of Aetric and manufacturers various other vehicles as well. Headquartered in California, they manufacture the majority of the components at in-house facilities and source the rest from their partners in the USA.

Whereas, some of the parts are imported from China, specially designed for Aetric golf carts.

There are many local dealers throughout the country where you can buy Aetric golf carts and spare parts, but only two main distribution facilities.

One is located in Alabama and the other in California. These dealerships also act as distributors of Aetric products and the majority of dealers source their orders from these two.

Aetric golf carts have a lot of accessories that you can use to enhance the performance or utility of your vehicle.

If required, you can also get the spare parts from the authorized dealerships, and it is recommended that you only use the OEM products and hire company-trained technicians for any upgrades or modifications.

Aetric products are top quality and have a lot of promise, and if you’re looking for a golf cart in the new or used market, choosing Aetric would be a sensible decision.