8 Minute Swing Cheat Reviews: Legit or a Bust?

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There are so many golf instructors and training programs out there, meaning that it can be difficult to settle on an approach to your game improvement.

Nick Bradley is an instructor who has developed an excellent international reputation in golf, thanks in large part to the 8 minute swing cheat.

In this article, we introduce you to Nick Bradley’s innovative approach to golf instruction and help you decide if this golf training is a good option for your golf game this season.

What Is the 8 Minute Swing Cheat?

The 8 minute swing cheat is a golfing tip that can unlock 30-50 yards more distance off the tee. The tip is taught by Nick Bradley, who has taught some of the most famous golfers in the world, including Nick Faldo and Justin Rose, among others.

Central to the premise, is the elimination of mechanical swing thoughts, as well as the leveraging of a ‘hidden power joint’ by adjusting the way that you swing the club.

Nick Bradley is widely regarded as an innovative golf instructor, and he has helped amateurs and professionals alike achieve more yardage off the tee and better scores on the card.

So, if you’re interested in how this wing cheat can help you, read on to find out everything you need to know about Nick Bradley’s innovation.

How Does it Work?

The 8 minute swing cheat is all about unlocking what Nick Bradley refers to as a ‘power joint,’ and it flies in the face of conventional teaching as far as increasing your distance off the tee is concerned.

The power joint in question is the capitate joint, which is the middle joint that connects your wrist and hand. If you’re able to activate the capitate joint when you grip the club, you should be able to unleash more power when you strike the ball.*

This is because the capitate joint influences the flexibility and mobility of your wrists, enabling you to change the way that you hold the golf club. Recognizing the existence of the capitate joint is just the beginning, and you need to adjust your grip to put the joint to good use for extra power and distance.

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The crux of this swing cheat is Nick Bradley explaining how the capitate joint works, how to adjust your grip, and how to hit consistently better golf shots, particularly off the tee.

Is the 8-Minute Swing Cheat Any Good?

It’s fair to say that the science behind the 8 minute swing cheat is legitimate, and it can be a really helpful adjustment for some golfers. Nick Bradley is an acclaimed golf instructor, and his innovative approach to teaching has impressed many professionals and amateurs alike.

Specifically, this training is ideal for people who struggle to hit the ball consistently off the tee.

You might, for instance, hit hooks or slices regularly because your setup at the address is incorrect.

By changing your grip and breaking down the mechanics of your swing, Nick Bradley, in his golf training methods, introduces you to a completely new way of swinging the golf club for maximum distance and improved consistency.

So, if you’re struggling with driving the ball and have tried lots of different approaches, Nick Bradley’s innovative swing cheat is certainly something that’s worth trying out on the practice range.

How Much Does the 8-Minute Swing Cheat Cost?

Presently, Nick Bradley’s 8-minute swing cheat course costs $97 and is available from Performance Golf. It’s part of Bradley’s 300+ yards course, in which he reveals how to improve your distance and accuracy off the tee while increasing your swing speed.

**Bradley features on Performance Golf alongside other instructors, including Nick Faldo, Eric Cogorno, Hank Haney, and James Sieckmann, among others.

The cost of the course provides you with online instruction from Nick Bradley, and he runs through the steps required in order to unlock the capitate joint and hit the ball further.

It’s competitively priced and is a similar cost to many of the other courses available at Performance Golf.

When you consider the cost of a single lesson with a PGA Professional coach, the fact that you receive unlimited access for a one-off payment of $97 represents good value for money.

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Should Beginners Consider this Golf Technique?

Although Nick Bradley has worked with the likes of Justin Rose and Nick Faldo, as well as several other elite golfers, his 8-minute swing cheat is actually designed for recreational golfers.

In fact, he has multiple testimonials on Performance Golf from high handicappers, explaining how helpful the tip has been in changing their game.

The reason why this training is suitable for beginners is that people who are just starting out haven’t yet developed ingrained bad habits as far as their swing is concerned. As a result, it’s easier to make the required changes.

For people who have been swinging the club the same way for decades, it’s typically harder to make adjustments, even though it’s still possible. With the swing cheat program, beginners can see how to make the most of the capitate joint from the outset.

Therefore, if you’re just starting out and are keen to invest in your golf game, unlocking the 8-minute swing cheat is a great way to learn a handy trick that can add yards to your game.

Are there any Better Swing Training Programs?

The 8-minute swing cheat is one of a huge number of golf training programs on Performance Golf. There are lots of different instructors on the platform, all offering unique training tips and guides to recreational players that can improve their game in different ways.

As such, it’s difficult to say whether there are better courses than Nick Bradley’s, as it really depends on what you’re hoping to achieve.

If, for instance, you’re hoping to unlock more distance off the tee, then Nick Bradley’s training program is among the best in the business.

However, if you’re looking for a more rounded approach to instruction that focuses on various aspects of your game and setup, it could be worthwhile scheduling a one-to-one lesson with a golf professional.

Another thing to mention is that Performance Golf has a good reputation for offering quality courses from leading instructors.

So, Nick Bradley’s swing cheat is a great option if you’re hoping to increase your distance off the tee.

Who is Nick Bradley, and is He Legit?

Nick Bradley is a renowned golf instructor who has instructed winners on every major professional tour in the world.*** He regularly appears on The Golf Channel and offers online and in-person golf instruction.

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Some of his most esteemed clients include Nick Faldo, Gary Player, and Justin Rose, among multiple others.

Bradley has endorsements from some of the leading players in the game, highlighting his credentials and the fact that he truly knows his stuff!

He has also authored two books about golf and runs a successful membership scheme through his website, where golfers from around the world can benefit from his unique take on golf instruction.

The bottom line is that Nick Bradley is one of the leading golf instructors in the world and his credentials speak for themselves.

As such, if you’re looking for a trusted and highly-skilled golf tutor, Nick Bradley is a great candidate.

Does Nick Bradley offer one-to-one golf coaching?

You can sign up for membership of Bradley Golf, which is Nick Bradley’s hub for offering golf instruction to clients from around the world.

There are two membership levels. The first offers unlimited access to exclusive video content from Nick Bradley.

The second tier offers personal consultancy from Nick Bradley alongside unlimited access to his video resources.

Bradley will personally analyze your swing and ensure that any recommendations are tailored to your game.

The membership package equates to 12 personal lessons with Nick Bradley for $997. At under $100 per lesson, this represents good value, given that he is a renowned coach to some of the finest golfers in the world.  

Therefore, if you’re inspired bythe swing cheat, you can become a member of his site and access personalized golf instruction from one of the most popular golf coaches in the game. 


For any golfer looking to improve their long game, an 8-minute swing cheat is a viable option. Pioneered by Nick Bradley, it can help you add 30+ yards to your tee shots.

You can sign up for the course via Performance Golf, or visit Nick Bradley’s website directly for further courses and membership benefits.

Ultimately, this specialized golf training can improve your game and lower your handicap, no matter how experienced you are.


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