7 Wood Loft Angle? (Explained & Other Crucial Facts!)

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Golfers of all ages and abilities can make the most of a range of different clubs, depending on their swing and setup. One club that is often overlooked is a 7 wood.

Here, we explain everything you need to know about a 7 wood, from its loft angle to how far you can reasonably expect to hit it.

By the end of this piece, you will have all the information you need to decide if a 7 wood will make it into your bag this season. So, let’s begin by looking at the standard loft angle.

What is the Loft Angle on a 7 Wood?

Most 7 woods have 21 degrees of loft, making it comparable to a 4 hybrid or 3 iron. Recreational players tend to play hybrids instead of woods, as they’re much easier to hit, particularly for high handicappers and beginner golfers.

 That being said, if you’re a fan of traditional woods, there’s no reason not to carry a 7 wood in your bag this season. You can use this wood on the tee and on the fairway, and it can serve as a great addition to your long game.

Just be mindful that you can only carry fourteen golf clubs at any given time, so if you plan on adding a 7 wood to the bag, you should replace either your 4 hybrid or 3 iron.

So now that you know the loft of this wood let’s take a closer look at this club to help you decide whether to add it to your golf bag this season.

What Distance Does a 7 Wood Go?

An average golfer will be able to hit a 7 wood between 170 and 190 yards. But of course, the distance that you will be able to hit a 7 wood depends on various factors, including your ability and club head speed, among others.

The table below gives you a good idea of how far you can expect to hit this wood out on the course:

Golfer ClassAverage Distance
Recreational male golfers170-190 yards
Recreational female golfers100-140 yards
Professional male golfers200+ yards
Professional female golfers150+ yards

Of course, every player is different, but you can reasonably expect to hit a seven wood up to 190 yards out on the course. If you have a particularly quick clubhead speed and are capable of long-distance shots, you might even be able to drill a 7 wood more than 200 yards.

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Still, as you can see from the chart above, this wood is a good replacement club for a 4 hybrid or 3 iron, so bear this in mind if you plan to add a 7 wood loft to the bag this year.

What Club Does a 7 Wood Replace?

As you’re only permitted to carry 14 clubs in your bag at any given time, you will have to replace your 7 wood with another club if you wish to use one. For most players, a 7 wood replaces a 4 hybrid or 3 iron.

However, you can also replace a 5 wood, as a 7 has more loft and is slightly easier to hit. Of course, this means it won’t go as far, but it’s a viable option if you’re struggling to hit your woods off the tee or from the fairway.

In terms of yardage, you can replace your 7 wood with any club that you can hit between 170 and 190 yards. Some players find it easier to base their club selection on distances, which certainly makes sense.

So, although it’s not the most popular golf club out there, a 7-wood can be a great addition to your bag, particularly if you’re looking for a long club with a little more loft.

But what exactly is this specialist wood good for? Let’s take a look now.

What’s a 7 Wood Good For?

A 7 wood is a good option for making long shots from anywhere out on the course. You can use it off the tee for a little more control than a driver, but it is also lofted enough to ensure you can get it down there when you’re playing from the fairway or light rough.

As introduced, you can expect this wood to fly up to 190 yards, so it’s a great option when you’re a fair way back from the pin. In terms of trajectory, a 7 wood will typically fly lower than a hybrid or iron, so bear this in mind when it comes to shot selection.

Some golfers even use a 7 wood for punch shots in and around the green, but this is a difficult skill that requires lots of practice out on the range. Still, it’s a versatile club that can serve multiple purposes, making it a good addition to the bag.

We would advise you to spend some time out on the range hitting the 7 wood before taking it on the course, and you can then decide which club to replace it with.

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7 Wood vs. 3 or 4 Hybrid?

Every player is different, so you will have to make your own mind up whether to carry a 7 wood, 3 iron, or 4 hybrid. However, here are some differences to bear in mind:

  • A hybrid is more forgiving than a wood, making it easier for recreational players to hit, particularly straight from the grass.
  • Your 7 wood will fly with a lower trajectory than a long iron or hybrid club, which is important to think about if you have any obstacles or hazards in front of you.
  • Most players can hit a 7 wood and 3 iron the same distance. The key difference is that a 3 iron has slightly more loft and is thus a little easier to hit for most players.
  • If you struggle to hit a 5 wood, replacing it with a 7 wood is a good option, as it provides you with extra loft that you can use to your advantage.

Given the similarities between the clubs, it doesn’t make sense to carry a 7 wood, a 3 iron, and a 4 hybrid simultaneously. But you should be aware of the differences between the clubs, as mentioned above, to ensure that you select the club that is best suited to your game.

What Leading Brands Make a 7 Wood?

The good news is that you can buy a 7 wood from many of the leading brands in golf, and they’re not particularly difficult to find. For instance, the likes of Callaway, Cobra, TaylorMade, and Wilson all manufacture this club type, providing you with a great deal of choice.

You can buy a 7 wood brand-new or second-hand, depending on the budget that you have available. If you’ve never struck this wood before, it makes sense to pick one up for relatively cheap, so you can practice out on the range before making a considerable investment.

At the time of writing, we found lots of 7 woods available online and recommend checking out Second Swing Golf if you’re in the market for an affordable, high-quality, second-hand model.

You can choose the brand that is best suited to your game and pick up a 7 wood that you can practice with out on the range. Then, if you decide that it’s a good fit for your game, you can look to improve your long game by carrying it out on the course.

Do Any PGA Players Use a 7 Wood?

Yes, a number of professional golfers use a 7 wood, including former world number one Dustin Johnson and Masters champion Bubba Watson. Both players are known to be big hitters, so it’s no surprise that they sometimes carry a 7 wood in their bags.

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You should be mindful that professional golfers regularly change the clubs that they carry in their bags, meaning other tour pros probably use a 7 wood from time to time.

A lot depends on their form and how well they’re striking the ball, and they may switch between clubs depending on how they feel.

The reason that DJ captured so much attention when using this wood was the fact that he hit it so far! He has used TaylorMade clubs for a long time now, and he showcased his long game by smashing his TaylorMade earlier this season.

So, if you want to add a 7 wood to your bag, know that you’re in good company. While it’s not the most popular club on Tour, DJ and Bubba Watson have shown that if you can hit it well, there’s no reason not to carry this club.

Overall, Is a 7 Wood Worth it?

When it comes to club selection, every golfer is different. That being said, there’s no doubt that there are many advantages to carrying a 7 wood. For one, it’s easier to hit than a 5 wood, as it has more loft as standard.

Some golfers are naturally more accustomed to hitting woods than irons or hybrids, meaning that it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a club that you can hit between 170 and 190 yards.

However, if you struggle to hit woods, you are probably better suited to playing a 3 iron or 4 hybrid. They’re capable of similar distances and are typically easier to hit for beginner players and recreational golfers in general.

So, we’re going to sit on the fence and say that a 7 wood is worth it, but you need to consider the setup of your game before investing in this club. After all, it won’t be suitable for all golfers.


In spite of the multiple advantages of carrying this wood, a lot of golfers don’t use it regularly. Instead, they opt for long irons and hybrids, which are capable of similar distances.

But as we’ve explained in this article, a 7 wood loft can be a great addition to the golf bag, particularly if you’re a fan of hitting woods.

So, if you choose a 7 wood for your bag this season, spend some time perfecting your game out on the range before adding it to your golf bag.