52 Degree Wedge Distance Club – How Far Does it Hit?

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The 52 degree wedge is a golf club that can be used for shorter distances on the course. It is typically used to chip or hit shots from the sand, or as an alternative to a putter if you are close enough to the hole.

We will cover what the optimal distance is for this nifty club and other important information you need to know.

How Far Should a 52 Wedge Go?

For the 52 degree wedge distance: Men should be hitting a 52 degree wedge from between 82 and 117 yards and ladies should aim for 58 to 82 yards. This is the average distance for a 52 degree wedge and these figures include a sensible tolerance for the skill and strength of the golfer.

If you are looking to improve the distance you can hit your wedge for then the below tips could be beneficial:

  1. Keep your head down and follow through.
  2. Maintain a straight back.
  3. Don’t swing too hard or you’ll lose control of the ball.
  4. Take a practice swing before the real one to get your body in the correct position
  5. Stay balanced on both feet, not just one foot like many people do when they are about to hit the ball.
  6. Practice this as much as possible – it’s all about repetition and getting comfortable with what you’re doing.

With practice and perseverance, you can improve the distance you are able to hit your gap wedge.

What Is a 52 Degree Wedge Used For?

This is a specialist club designed to hit shots that are closer in distance to the green but too far away to use a putter.

The 52 degree wedge is used for short chip and pitch shots as well as hitting a high-ball when you have less than 117 yards left of the hole. It enables golfers to pinpoint their short game skills by using a club that offers a greater degree of precision.

Having a clubface of 52 degrees gives this wedge a nominal angle and is not as common as other gap wedges such as 54 or 56 degree wedges.

hitting bunker shots with a 52 wedge

This lower angle gives the club less loft but more distance and many professional and low handicapped players also like to use the 52 degree loft for “pitch and run” type of shots.

This type of low-back spin shot is designed to allow the ball to run after bouncing on the edge of the green.

This is just one example of how versatile this club is and how it can be used in different situations.

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But with all the options for different clubs, and remember we can only carry 12 in our bag at one time – is this gap wedge really necessary?

Do I Need a 52 Degree Wedge?

If you are a beginner or high handicapper then you will already carry a sand and pitching wedge in your bag but is there room for a specialist gap wedge? Yes!

You will often find that there is a distance on the course where you struggle to pick the right club.
This is a common problem for the short game so a 52-degree wedge acts as a good middle ground.

This wedge is perfect for those right around the green shots that are just a little too long to use your sand or pitching wedges, but not quite close enough to putt from where you stand.

As with most golf clubs, there is no hard and fast rule as to what distance this club should be used at.

It’s more about how comfortable you feel using it in different situations.

The best way to find out which distances work best for you is to experiment on the course or practice range!

practice with a 52 wedge

But generally speaking, our experience has been that shorter distances of 80 yards or less are great uses for this club while anything over 90 yards will require a different wedge, probably a 48-degree pitching wedge.

Should I Get a 52 or 54 Degree Wedge?

Strictly speaking, a 54-degree wedge is classed as a sand wedge and is used for bunker shots.

A 52-degree wedge is classed as a gap wedge and used on short-grass shots where you are not far from the hole.

But you can also alter your technique to fine-tune your gap wedge yardages. Need extra yards?

Open up your stance a little so that you are bending your knees and open the clubface, this enables extra power and distance.

Narrow your stance and close the clubface to shorten the distance of a 52-degree wedge shot.

Most golfers will have a set technique for these distances, but as you get better at it, tweak it until it feels right for you.

This is particularly important on shots where accuracy matters more than power or yardage.

You can also adjust how much spin you put on by varying how steeply you open the blade on the address.

A closed face means that there’s less friction with the ground so the ball will stop quicker; an open face results in greater rotation around its axis which translates into higher backspin and air resistance (and thus height).

At the end of the day, it’s about personal preference though.

We recommend you rent out both a 52 and 54-degree gap wedge and take them down to your local practice facility. Which feels the most comfortable in the hand?

How to Hit a 52 Degree Wedge

A 52-degree wedge can be used in two ways: as an all-around shot or a high lofted chip shot.

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The key to hitting this club well is understanding what distance will work best and ensuring that you get enough backspin while keeping your contact clean.

If the ground isn’t too firm, use the bounce angle technique.

Set up with your heels closer together than normal so there’s less resistance when striking down through the ball (this should result in more height).

Another good technique is to use the impact golf method as demonstrated in the below video by Kirk Junge.

You can see him chipping with a gap wedge in this video. With his simple golf tips, he teaches you how to set up and hit such chip shots so you can boost your short game with a gap wedge like the 52.

What Are Some Good 52 Degree Wedges?

Please click images for more information including pricing.

The best 52 degree wedges are the ones that offer a good combination of grip and feel.

The only way to find out if they’re right for you is to try them out but we have compiled a list of the most popular gap wedges currently available.

Cleveland 52 Degree Wedge

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge, 60 degrees Right Hand, Steel , Tour Satin , Large

A good gap wedge from Cleveland Golf is the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge which is available in our featured 52 degree model.

The wedge is a classic blade design with an advanced sole grind.

The “hollow-cavity” design has more weight distributed to the perimeter of the clubhead, resulting in more forgiveness at impact.

The Dynamic Sole Grind features three different sole grinds that deliver versatility and enhanced feel for tricky shots on the course.

An insert lowers the vibration for a better feel, while the Rote Face Technology produces sharp Tour Zip grooves and concise face milling for optimum spin and short game precision.


  • Cleveland’s 52° Wedge has low bounce – perfect for chipping!
  • Cavity design offers forgiveness at impact.
  • The dynamic sole includes three different Grinds and a reduced vibration insert for pure feel at impact.
  • Sharpest Tour zip grooves for maximum spin and short game control.


  • No oversize options available, you will need an extender.

Titleist Tour Chrome Golf Wedge

Titleist Tour Chrome Golf Wedge, Men, Men, 835RSSF5212, Grey, 52.12

Tour Chrome wedges are designed to work with a variety of different swing styles and conditions.

The Tour Chrome name is derived from the proprietary chrome-plating process that Titleist uses on the clubhead, which not only provides an incredibly durable finish but also allows for a more consistent feel throughout the set.

This wedge features six sole grinds and 23 combinations of loft, bounce, and grind for a comprehensive selection.

The prolonged heat treatment produces a longer-lasting spin for sustained use over many years.

100% inspected spin milled wedges are cut to a tight tolerance, resulting in 100RPM more spin.


  • Get a high-performance wedge that fits your game.
  • SM7 wedges offer more control and feel than previous models.
  • Progressive center of gravity for improved ball striking.
  • Premium quality made by Titleist; trusted and respected company.
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  • This is a 2018 model.

Callaway Mack Daddy CB 52 Degree Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge (Right, Steel, Wedge Flex, 56 Degrees) , Silver

Callaway’s Mack Daddy CB Wedges feature Groove-In-Groove Technology to help golfers get more spin around the green.

The four sole grinds, available in lofts of 52° and 58° with bounce angles of +1° or -3°, provide a broad range of options for a variety of playing styles and course conditions.

The milled groove pattern on the face creates a softer feel at impact and helps maximize spin while minimizing turf interaction.

The Mack Daddy CB offers precise CG locations for enhanced control on shots from tight lies.


  • Enhanced forgiveness for more consistent performance.
  • More control with deep cavity back design.
  • Increased spin for more consistency around the green.
  • 2 sole grind options to play how you want.


  • Choose the steel option, the carbon fiber shaft is too flexible for most golfers and you need the extra stiffness.

Looking to Buy a Used 52 Degree Wedge? (Top Tips)

A cheaper alternative to spending over $100 on one club is to look at the aftermarket for used golf clubs.

A good place to start is your local golf course’s pro shop. They can usually put you in contact with a golfer who is looking to sell their clubs.

You may be able to find an even better deal on eBay or Craigslist, but buyer beware!

Check out our top 5 tips for buying used golf clubs:

  1. Look for a serial number to ensure authenticity.
  2. Make sure there is no rust on any metal components.
  3. Inspect the grip for any cracks or wear and tear.
  4. Ask about previous use – some sellers may offer a warranty for purchase.
  5. If buying online: Read online reviews and check the return policy.

You should absolutely check the authenticity of the club before making any purchase from these avenues as there are many scam artists out there trying to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers.

Don’t be tempted to buy a new, cheap 52 degree wedge club from auction or discount sites.

If you can afford it, buy from an official retailer such Golf Galaxy, Golf Warehouse, PGA TOUR Superstore, or a reputable aftermarket supplier such as 2ndswing.com.

Is the 52 Degree Wedge Club for You?

The 52 degree wedge distance club is a great assest to have on the course. It can be used for short distances, has a loft that will help you get up and down from sand more easily, or replace your putter if you are close enough to the hole.

If this sounds like something you would use often while playing golf, we recommend trying one before your next round of 18 holes!

You never know when it might come in handy. We hope these tips will make your game better and improve your scores with less effort – so try using them on the course today!