Best 5 Pocket Golf Pants for 2024 (That Fit Perfectly!)

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Choosing the right pair of pants for golf is no easy feat. After all, there’s a lot to think about. The pants need to be comfortable, and they also need to adhere to the dress code requirements of the course that you’re playing.

In this article, we introduce you to some of the best 5 pocket golf pants currently on the market in 2024 and run through the pros and cons of each. By the end, you will have all the information you need to decide which golf pants to add to your wardrobe this season.

1. Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Stretch Golf Pant

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Stretch Golf Pant (Available in Big & Tall), Grey, 33W x 29L

When it comes to value for money, you can beat a pair of Amazon Essentials pants.

These classic-fit stretch golf pants are smart and comfortable, ticking all boxes for use out on the golf course.

They’re made from polyester and are lightweight, making them ideal for golfing in the spring or Fall, when it’s a little too chilly for shorts but not yet cold enough for warm winter pants.

Moreover, they come with five pockets and are available in various sizes and colors, making them an ideal addition to your wardrobe this golf season.


  • Loose-fitting through the hip with a straight leg makes them perfect for golf course use.
  • As an Amazon Essential, they’re affordable and provide exceptional value for money.
  • You can buy them in multiple colors, from beige to black.


  • Some reviewers think the sizing chart could be more accurate, and the pants are slightly larger than advertised. Bear this in mind when choosing your size.

For a smart pair of golf trousers at a great price, it’s impossible to look past these Amazon Essential pants.

What’s more, with Amazon Prime, you can have them the next day, which is ideal if you’re playing golf this weekend and need a new pair of pants.

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2. IZOD Men’s Golf Swingflex Straight Fit Pant

IZOD Men's Golf Swingflex Straight-Fit Flat-Front Pants, Peacoat Strt, 40W X 32L

These smart pants from IZOD feature moisture-wicking properties that ensure you don’t overheat or sweat out on the golf course. The fabric of the pants is stretchy, which also supports their breathability.

They’re machine washable and feature button closures, which is a good alternative if you don’t like pants with a zipper.

Available in several colors and highly rated on Amazon, these straight-fitting pants are another great option if you want to add to your golf wardrobe this season.

Select your size and color and order away!


  • Several colors and fits are available for an excellent price.
  • The pants are lightweight and breathable, making them a good choice for spring and summer golf.
  • The stretchy fabric that comprises the pants makes them a comfortable choice.


  • They’re not the cheapest pants in the world, but they are highly rated and made from high-quality materials.

IZOD is a popular golf brand, and these pants are just what you need as you take on the course this season.

You can select your pants from various colors and sizes, ensuring you get just what you need as you tee off at your favorite golf course.

3. PGA TOUR Men’s Flat Front 5-Pocket Stretch Golf Pant with Active Waistband

PGA TOUR Men's Flat Front Comfort Stretch 5 Pocket Golf Pant, Dk Grey Heather, 36W x 32L

As a combination between polyester, cotton, and elastane, these PGA golf pants are super comfortable and perfect for golf in all seasons.

One of the key features of these pants is the moisture-wicking technology that moves perspiration away from your body and keeps you dry throughout your game.

They also come with an active waistband, which offers you greater comfort and flexibility when swinging the club or bending over to pick your ball.


  • The ideal combination of cotton, polyester, and elastane creates a comfortable pair of pants.
  • Available in several colors: white, grey, black, and blue.
  • You can even order these pants in big and tall sizes if you can’t fit into the standard sizes offered online.


  • Some reviewers agree that they’re akin to a skinny fit, so they might not be suitable for all players.

These golf pants look stylish and feel great.

The active waistband is designed with comfort and movement in mind, which means you can easily swing your club. Overall, a great set of pants to wear out on the golf course.

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4. Adidas Men’s Ultimate Heather 5-Pocket Pant

adidas Golf Ultimate Heather 5-Pocket Pant, Grey Three Heather, 3032

As you would expect from a top brand like Adidas, these pants are super comfortable, stylish and have everything you could want in a pair of golf pants.

The stretchy fabric complements the regular fit, ensuring the pants deliver the ideal balance between loose and snug.

You can select from various sizes to meet your requirements and be assured of a high-quality pair of pants befitting the Adidas brand.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of pants from a leading brand, these Adidas heather pants are just what you need.


  • High-quality material with five deep pockets.
  • The stretchy fabric is ideal and ensures comfort when swinging the golf club.
  • They’re particularly smart, making them a good option at golf courses with a strict dress code.


  • These pants are only available in three colors and are not particularly bright. So, if you’re looking for something a little quirky, they’re probably not for you.

These stretchy pants from Adidas are ideal for wearing out on the golf course.

They strike the perfect balance between loose and snug and ensure you can swing the golf club comfortably and freely out on the course.

5. NIKE Men’s Flex Slim 5-Pocket Golf Pants

NIKE Men's Flex Slim 5-Pocket Golf Pants, Black/Wolf Grey, Size 42/30

These stylish pants from Nike are a great option if you’re looking for a slim-fitting pair of golf pants.

You can take to the course in three neutral colors feeling like the great Tiger Woods decked out in Nike apparel.

The pants are made from 51% cotton, meaning they’re a little thicker than some of the other pants we’ve reviewed.

This is ideal for playing golf in slightly cooler conditions and keeps your legs warm.

We also love the denim jeans-inspired stitching, which gives these pants a slightly more casual look than other golf pants. Overall, they look and feel great and are a great option for all golfers.


  • These pants are super stylish and carry the Nike label.
  • Ideal for golf in cooler weather, thanks to their cotton composition.
  • They’re smart/casual and perfect for wearing off the golf course.


  • These pants are slim-fitting, meaning they won’t be suitable for all golfers.
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It’s hard to look past Nike for quality. These pants are stylish and comfortable and provide everything you need to add to your golf wardrobe this season.

FAQs – 5 Pocket Golf Pants

Are 5 Pocket Pants Good for Golf?

Five-pocket pants are perfect for golf. If you’ve ever played a round of golf, you will know that pocket space is important.

You need somewhere to keep your tees, glove, pitch marker, and other bits and pieces you accumulate during your round.

The deep pockets at the back are also ideal for your scorecard and yardage book, meaning that five-pocket pants are just what you need as you tee off this season.

What is the Small Pocket on Golf Pants For?

There isn’t a specific use for the small pocket on golf pants, and you can use it for whatever you like. However, given its size, it’s ideal for storing tees or a ball marker, but it’s entirely up to you what you use it for.

Given the depth of the pockets at the back, most people use them to store their scorecards and yardage book, but you might want to keep your pencil in the small pocket at the front dos you can easily access it.

What are 5 Pocket Golf Pants Relaxed Fit?

If a pair of pants is described as a relaxed fit, they’re not particularly tight around the inside leg or calves. Tight or slim-fitting trousers are good for some golfers but not suitable for everyone.

So, if you order a pair of five-pocket golf pants with a relaxed fit, you can be sure that they have a little more space for you to move around in and will be nice and comfortable out on the golf course.


As you can see, there are a lot of choices as far as five-pocket golf pants are concerned in 2024.

Whether you want something cheap and cheerful from Amazon Essentials or are looking for a pair of pants from a leading brand like Adidas or Nike, the above selections have covered you.

We hope you now have all the information you need about why five-pocket pants are perfect for golf and have chosen the ideal pair of pants to add to your golf wardrobe this season.