5 Iron Indoor Golf: (Locations, Price, and Food Options!)

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Thanks to significant advances in technology, golf simulators have come on leaps and bounds in recent times, providing golfers with incredible indoor golf opportunities.

With that in mind, let us introduce you to 5 Iron Golf, an indoor golf venue that is taking the United States by storm.

In this article, we review 5 Iron Indoor Golf and introduce you to their locations, price, and food. As we explain, it’s a golf simulator venue that you simply cannot afford to ignore!

1. Who is 5 Iron Golf?

5 Iron Golf is an innovative business that provides a unique approach to urban golf, with more than 20 locations in different parts of the United States, Singapore, and India.*

The first 5 Iron Golf location was on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and the business has gone from strength to strength in a relatively short space of time.

The whole purpose of 5 Iron Golf is to provide people with a memorable indoor golf experience that is fun, engaging, and a great way to spend leisure time.

In addition to the fun side of things, 5 Iron Golf is also a good location for those serious about game improvements, with golf coaches and Trackman technology employed at all locations.

So, read on to find out everything you need to know about 5 Iron Golf to prepare you for an enjoyable urban golf experience like no other!

2. Is 5 Iron Fun for Beginners?

There’s no doubt that 5 Iron golf is fun for beginners. As an indoor practice facility, you can set up at 5 Iron Golf and work on various aspects of your game.

But you can also get involved in the social side of things, as their golf simulators offer course play and a range of fun and exciting games and competitions for all players to enjoy.

After getting your swing on, you can settle into the on-site bar and restaurant at 5 Iron Golf to enjoy a social afternoon or evening with your family and friends.

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Given that many city-dwellers struggle to get into the swing of things due to the difficulty in accessing golf courses, 5 Iron Golf provides a viable, affordable, and fun alternative to hitting a real-life course out in the countryside.

You can work on the fundamentals of your game in a fun and engaging environment and enjoy the latest technology in use by the 5 Iron Golf simulators.

3. How Much is 5 Iron Golf?

It costs between $35 and $95 to rent a simulator at 5 Iron Golf for an hour’s play. This is great value when you consider the cost of green fees at golf courses and the fact that you can play a huge selection of interactive games and courses.**

The cost of simulator rental depends on the time that you play, and you can reserve the simulator for up to four hours at a time, enabling you to complete an entire round of golf at one of the virtual courses available.

For example, a 4-hour peak rental at 5 Iron Golf Las Vegas will set you back $260, and you can have up to four players in the booth at once. If you play off-peak, the rates are cheaper, so it makes sense to plan your visit accordingly.

It’s also possible to reserve booths for birthday parties and work events, and you can discuss pricing directly with the location nearest to your home for the best possible deals.

4. 5 Iron locations: Where Can I Play?

There are more than twenty locations in the 5 Iron Golf Network, and you can currently play at the following sites:

  • Baltimore
  • Chicago – Lincoln Park, River North, The Loop
  • Las Vegas
  • New York City – Fidi, Flatiron, Herald Square
  • Philadelphia – Fishtown, Rittenhouse
  • Pittsburgh
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC

Internationally, there is a simulator outlet in Singapore and one in India, with new sites hoping to be added in the near future. A 5 Iron location will also open in Boston very soon, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for new locations.

Given the huge success of this model, the business is growing and expanding at an extremely impressive rate, and there’s no doubt that more and more locations will open in different parts of the United States in the near future.

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5. 5 Iron Menu: What Can I Order?

While the 5 Iron Golf menu can change slightly depending on location, you can expect sharing plates and bar-style food and snacks from each 5 Iron restaurant. For instance, the original 5 Iron site in New York has the following dishes for players to enjoy:

  • Guac & salsa
  • Quesadillas
  • Hard shell corn tacos
  • Cheeseburger sliders
  • Pepper Jack burger
  • Club sandwich
  • Steak Burrito

There are sharing platters and individual meals, covering all bases as far as refreshments are concerned after your round.

It’s also worth noting that the locations are fully licensed, meaning they offer a full selection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, enabling you to enjoy the social side of golf before, during, and after your round!

Be mindful that menus can change, so it’s worth getting in touch with your local location if you have any dietary requirements or questions about the food on offer.

6. What Else Is there to Do at 5 Iron Golf?

Primarily, 5 Iron Golf provides an unrivaled indoor golf experience, thanks to the simulator bays that can be hired by the hour. The simulator allows you to enter practice mode, or you can play one of a number of leading courses from across the United States.

But 5 Iron Golf is so much more than just a golf simulator experience. You can sign up for a range of games and competitions, enabling you to compete with golfers at your current location, as well as those participating at other 5 Iron Golf locations.

There are also different events at each of the 5 Iron Golf locations throughout the US, which you can sign up for and enjoy as and when they’re launched.

We’ve also mentioned the fact that 5 Iron Golf doubles up as a bar and restaurant, meaning that it’s a great place to hang out with your friends, even if you don’t want to hire a golf simulator to get your swing on.

7. What Should You Wear at 5 Iron Golf?

Ultimately, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in at 5 Iron Golf, and there isn’t a strict dress code that you need to adhere to. If you’re practicing or playing a round of golf, you might feel comfortable in golf clothes.

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However, there’s no requirement to wear golf attire as there is at golf courses, so feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

As for shoes, you can wear golf shoes if you like, but sneakers or any other flat-soled shoes are equally fine. It’s best to avoid dress shoes with slippery soles, as they’re not ideal for gripping when you swing the club.

The bottom line is that you should dress in comfortable clothes, but you won’t get turned away from 5 Iron Golf for wearing the wrong things!

8. Is 5 Iron Indoor Golf a Franchise?

Although Five Iron didn’t begin as a franchise, it has now opened its doors to franchising prospects.*** While there’s no indication yet of how much 5 Iron Golf franchises costs, there’s no doubt that it will be costly!

There’s the real estate to think about – 5 Iron outlets are located in cities – and then there’s all of the specialist golf equipment to invest in. What’s more, 5 Iron locations are extremely well put together, and finishing is likely to require a sizeable budget.

Still, the fact that 5 Iron Golf is open to franchising means that if there isn’t already one in a city near you, that will probably soon change.

The 5 Iron concept is proving extremely popular across the United States, and with franchisees ready to hop on board, it will maintain its position as one of the leading indoor golf venues in the country in the near future.


As far as indoor golf simulators are concerned, 5 Iron Golf has an enviable setup, and their model is working. You can play golf at 5 Iron Golf socially, or you can work on the various aspects of your game with a licensed golf coach.

Ultimately, 5 Iron Golf provides a viable solution to the challenges faced by urban golfers, and if there’s a 5 Iron Golf open near you, we highly recommend checking it out!


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