The 21 Degree Hybrid Golf Club – Do I Need One?

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It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that hybrid golf clubs have become incredibly popular in recent times.

This is mainly due to advances in technology and the fact that golfers of all abilities have realized how much easier hybrids are to hit than long irons and fairway woods.

And one club that’s worthy of your consideration is the 21 degree hybrid, which typically replaces a 7 wood or a 3 iron in the bag.

So, to help you find the perfect 21 degree hybrid to suit your game and budget, we introduce five of our top picks below before answering some FAQs regarding the use of this popular golf club while you’re out on the course.

What Golf Club Has a 21 Degree Loft?

A 7 wood and 4 hybrid can have 21 degrees of loft, as does a conventional 3 iron. Each of these clubs typically has a loft of anywhere between 19 and 21 degrees, so it’s best to double-check with the manufacturer before committing to a purchase.

The 4 hybrid is widely regarded as the easiest of the three clubs to hit, as it is the most forgiving and is suitable for golfers of all abilities.

We introduce you to five of the best 21-degree hybrid clubs in the sections that follow, so you can decide what to carry in your bag.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Hybrid (Top Pick 2022)

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Hybrid (Right, Graphite, Regular, 4 Hybrid) , Silver

When it comes to 21-degree hybrids, they don’t get much better than Callaway’s Big Bertha B21.

Equipped with an AI-designed flash face and an innovatively designed RCH graphite shaft, the B21 is suitable for golfers at all levels of the game and will help you hit straighter and more consistently, making it our top pick for 2022.


  • The AI-designed flash face ensures you can hit the Big Bertha hybrid long, even if you miss the sweet spot at the center
  • The clubhead benefits from the added offset, which ensures a straighter ball flight and more distance off the tee and from the grass
  • The new RCH graphite shaft designed by Callaway provides an easy launch and aids ball trajectory
  • Two jailbreak bars are included within that connect the sole and the crown, which means the club can take on more of the load upon impact
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  • Exceptionally easy to hit from the tee, fairway, or rough
  • Available with a regular, stiff, or light shaft
  • Suitable for players at all levels of the game


  • Although it’s one of the best hybrids in the business, the $300+ price tag will put some people off

Overall Verdict 

If you’re in the market for a 21-degree hybrid golf club that will improve your distance, consistency, and accuracy, it’s hard to overlook Callaway’s Big Bertha B21 hybrid.

Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Hybrid

Callaway Apex 21 4 Hybrid (Right-Handed, Regular) , Black

Given the quality of Callaway golf clubs, it’s hardly surprising that two of their hybrids make our list for the best 21 degree hybrid club. The Apex packs many similar features to the above-mentioned B21 but is available at a cheaper price point.

Let’s find out why you might want to add it to your bag.


  • The clubhead is complete with Jailbreak AI velocity blades that reduce the likelihood of mishits and thin shots
  • Each Apex hybrid consists of Tungsten weighting, which ensures ideal stability and shape
  • The club’s center of gravity has been lowered to support a high launch, which in turn provides more forgiveness
  • The Apex hybrid comes with an adjustable hosel, so you can adapt your loft, trajectory, and control


  • Extremely forgiving thanks to the club’s low center of gravity
  • The UST Mamiya Recoil Dart graphite shaft is generous and offers flexibility
  • The Apex hybrid looks great in the bag and is a popular choice


  • Minimal offset when compared to the Big Bertha B21, which may compromise carry distance for some players

Overall Verdict 

At a cheaper price point than Callaway’s top-performing Big Bertha B21, the Apex hybrid is another exceptional golf club that is forgiving and will help you improve your accuracy and consistency off the tee and from a distance.

Club Champ Men’s Right Hand DTP Hybrid (Best Budget)

Club Champ Men's Right Hand DTP (Designed to Play) DTP (Designed to Play) Hybrid 21 Degree Golf Club with Headcover

If you’re looking for a 21 degree hybrid to replace your 3 iron or 7 wood and don’t want to break the bank, then you should consider Club Champ’s DTP hybrid.

This no-frills golf club is available for less than $45 and is undoubtedly worthy of your consideration if you’re looking to add to your golf bag without spending the big bucks.


  • Designed to Play (DTP) range is perfect for beginners
  • Graphite shaft offers flexibility and forgiveness
  • A branded headcover is included with every purchase
  • Available with either 21 or 24 degree loft


  • A budget utility club that is perfect for beginners
  • Forgiving and easy to hit
  • Available in multiple lofts
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Currently only available as a right-handed club

Overall Verdict 

Although the Club Champ DTP hybrid doesn’t come with many of the premium features of other branded clubs like Titleist, Callaway, or Wilson it’s still a great choice if you’re in the market for an affordable hybrid without breaking the bank.

MW8 Moon Wood

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If you’re keen to add a club to your golf bag that is totally unique and different from the rest, the MW8 Moon Wood is a good choice.

It boasts a flat club face and an extremely low center of gravity, which makes it easier for players of all abilities to hit longer and truer golf shots from various distances.


  • The ultra-low-profile face design is extremely forgiving and enables you to generate ball flight effortlessly
  • Combination of three types of golf club – a hybrid, fairway wood, and long iron – which tries to encompass the key benefits of each
  • A shorter shaft promotes a more upright swing, making it easier to execute your desired shots
  • The low center of gravity within the clubhead enables high ball trajectory


  • Much higher carry than typical long and mid irons
  • Very forgiving and suitable for beginners and low handicappers alike
  • Easier to control than traditional fairway woods and long irons


  • Due to the unique design of the Moon Wood clubface, you might find that you sacrifice some of your expected distance when playing off the grass

Overall Verdict 

Thanks to the unique design of the MW8 from Moon Wood, the chances are that you’ve never hit a golf club quite like it.

And while it might take you a little bit of time to get used to its design, you will transform your game in no time and start improving your ball flight and accuracy from a distance.

Palm Springs Right Hand Visa

Palm Springs Visa #4 Hybrid Golf Club 21 MRH Stiff Flex

As one of the cheapest hybrid golf clubs out there, it’s impossible to ignore the Palm Springs 21 degree hybrid club.

And with a stiff graphite shaft and a large face, it’s super easy to hit and particularly forgiving. Let’s look at what you can expect from this budget hybrid in more detail.


  • No-nonsense budget hybrid golf club that is easier to hit than long irons
  • Stiff graphite shaft as standard
  • Reasonably heavy with a weight of 2 pounds
  • Large clubface which is forgiving and easy to hit for beginners


  • Branded headcover included
  • Stiff shaft as standard is suitable for those looking for more distance
  • One of the cheapest hybrids out there at less than $30
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  • Only available as a right-handed golf club

Overall Verdict 

For less than $40, the Palm Springs Visa hybrid ensures you can get the ball up off the grass and sailing towards the pin.

While it might not come with all the bells and whistles of the other hybrids introduced, it’s a great pick if you want something that is budget-friendly above all else.

FAQs: Common Questions Answered on the 21 Degree Hybrid

What you need to know about this specialist hybrid golf club – is it going to be good for you and what are the alternatives?

What is a 21 Degree Hybrid Equivalent To?

A 21 degree hybrid has an equivalent loft and carry distance to a 7 wood or 3 iron. But hybrid golf clubs come with the added benefit of being more forgiving and thus easier to hit.

If you pick up one of the 21-degree hybrids introduced above, you probably don’t need to carry the equivalent clubs in your bag at the same time.

How Far Can You Hit a 21-Degree Hybrid?

Most male golfers can typically hit a 21 degree hybrid around 195 yards. But of course, distance depends on many factors, including swing speed, ability, and course conditions.

As such, if you can hit your 21-degree hybrid anywhere between 175 and 195 yards, you’re doing well!

What is the Shaft Length of a 21-Degree Hybrid?

While manufacturers have the authority to vary the length of the hybrid golf clubs they produce, most 21-degree hybrids come with a steel shaft length of 40-41 inches. Graphite shafts are typically slightly shorter, and will be either 40 or 40.5 inches.

If you’re unsure about the length of your hybrid, double-check with the manufacturer before making your purchase.

21-Degree Hybrid vs 5 Wood – What’s Best?

Most golfers agree that hybrids are easier to hit than fairway woods, but everyone is different. For most golfers, a 21-degree hybrid will replace a 7 or 5 wood in the bag, so you should work out whether you hit a hybrid or fairway wood more consistently before deciding which is best for you.

Spend a bit of time out on the range with each club before making your decision.

Test and Practice with a Hybrid for Best Success!

Adding a specialized hybrid golf cub to your bag is likely to yield excellent results when it comes to improving your accuracy and consistency from a distance.

As you can see from the five clubs introduced above, there are hybrids out there to suit all budgets – $30 – $300 – so make sure you pick the 21 degree hybrid club that is best suited to your game.