2 Iron Golf Club: 11 Facts you Need to Know!

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Once upon a time, driving irons were all the rage! Pros of a bygone era consistently drilled their driving irons to within a few feet of the pin.

But due to advances in technology, fairway woods, and utility clubs have replaced driving irons in most golf bags around the world.

Yet in spite of this, some golfers still use a 2 iron golf club and other driving irons off the tee.

But why would you use a 2 iron? And how far can you expect to hit this driving iron? We answer these questions and several others in this guide, as we explain everything you need to know about a 2 iron golf club below.

What is a 2 Iron Golf Club?

A 2 iron golf club is a driving iron that is used from the tee or from distance on the fairway. It’s usually carried instead of (as opposed to in addition to) a 3 or 5 wood and is a good option for mid-low handicap golfers who are looking for something a little different to improve their long game.

TaylorMade Golf P790 UDI Utility Club #2 RH Stiff

While a 2 iron isn’t overly popular in the present day, it’s a worthwhile addition to your golf bag if you’re struggling to hit your fairway woods or utility clubs consistently.

Is a 2 Iron a Driving Iron?

A 2 iron is regarded as a driving iron because it has been designed to maximize distance and control off the tee. Long before utility clubs were the norm in every golfers’ bag, 2 irons were important, as they are capable of producing a penetrating ball flight off the tee.

Driving irons are low, lofted irons that are typically between 17-19 degrees.

They also have a bulkier back when compared to standard irons, which increases the weight of your swing, meaning you can drive the ball further.

In most instances, golfers will choose to carry utility clubs or driving irons, as they are typically used for the same purpose and are easier to hit.

If you’re struggling to hit your woods or utilities consistently, you might find that switching to driving irons will help you improve your distance and accuracy off the tee.

What Club Does a 2 Iron Replace?

A 2 iron replaces a 3 or 5 wood in most golfers’ bags. A 3 wood usually has a loft of between 14-17 degrees, while a 5 wood typically has a loft of 19-24 degrees. When you consider a 2 iron has a loft of between 17-19 degrees, there’s little point in carrying a 2 iron alongside a 3 or a 5 wood.

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But when you’re replacing clubs in your golf bag, it’s important to consider how far you can hit each club, as well as its loft.

When hit well, a 2 iron can travel between 180-250 yards, so you should consider which club in your current bag is capable of a similar distance if you’re planning to carry a 2 iron instead.

Ultimately, you should spend some time out on the range with a 2 iron in your hand before deciding on whether to carry it in your bag.

This will give you an accurate idea of how far you can consistently hit your 2 iron, meaning you can replace the equivalent club that you ordinarily carry in your golf bag.

Do any Pros Use a 2 Iron?

Tiger Woods is the highest-profile professional golfer to use a 2 iron. He has carried a 2 iron for most of his career, and one of his most memorable shots came at the Memorial Tournament in 1999 when Tiger drilled a 2 iron 275 yards within a few feet of the pin.

Checkout the video below where Tiger makes hitting a 2 Iron look easy!

Other professional golfers known to carry a 2 iron include Lanto Griffin, Matt Jones, and Aaron Wise. But generally speaking, pro golfers prefer using fairway woods and hybrids off the tee and from a distance on the fairway.

It’s a little surprising that pros don’t make more use of 2 irons, as they have the skill and ability to control their shots consistently.

But as mentioned, fairway woods and hybrids are much more popular and are typically the clubs of choice of the biggest names in the sport.

Does Callaway Make a 2 Iron?

Yes, Callaway does manufacture a 2 iron. The X Forged Utility 2 Iron is one of the most popular choices out there if you’re looking for a driving iron to add to your bag. It has a loft of 18 degrees and a lie of 59.5 degrees and is regarded as one of the best driving irons available on the market.

In addition to Callaway, some alternative 2 irons of comparable quality include:

  • TaylorMade P790 UDI 2 Iron.
  • Titleist U-150 Utility 2 Iron.
  • Cobra Golf King Utility Black 2 Iron.
  • PING G410 Crossover 2 Iron.

Essentially, all of the biggest manufacturers in golf all produce a 2 iron – so you can still buy one, but they’re unlikely to be included in a standard set of irons.

Cobra Golf 2020 King Utility 2 Iron (Men's, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff Flex, 17.5 Degree)

You will have to order a 2 iron separately, as most iron sets include 4 through PW.

If you’re not sure about using a 2 iron but would like to try one out, we would advise you to pick one up from eBay or another second-hand marketplace before investing big bucks in a brand-new driving iron!

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After all, they’re not the easiest to hit so you should try one out before committing to it.

Is it Worth Carrying a 2 Iron?

Just like any other golf club, you can carry in your bag, it’s definitely worth carrying a 2 iron. Some golfers struggle to hit their drivers and woods consistently off the tee, so switching to driving irons is a viable alternative.

But remember, you’re only permitted to carry fourteen clubs in your golf bag at any given time.

So, we wouldn’t recommend carrying a 2 iron just for the sake of it. Make sure you are confident that you can hit your 2 iron and carry it instead of a 3 or 5 wood.

Golfers of all abilities tend to have a collection of clubs lined up in the garage or in their locker, so you can always switch your 2 iron in and out of your bag if you want to keep things interesting!

Is a 2 Iron Hard to Hit?

For mid-high handicappers, 2 irons are usually harder to hit than utility woods and fairway woods. This is due to the low loft and lie of the club, which makes it more challenging to strike the ball cleanly and to execute a shot with the desired trajectory.

But that being said, every golfer is different.

If you hit your mid-long irons purely and consistently and struggle with the big stick or fairway woods, you might find that switching to a 2 iron works wonders for your long game.

So, before writing your 2 iron off as too hard to hit, we’d definitely recommend spending some time with it out on the range, so you can get a feel for the club and decide for yourself whether or not it’s too difficult to hit.

How Far Should a 2 Iron Go?

When hit correctly, the typical yardage of a 2 iron will be anywhere between 180 and 250 yards. If you’re using a 2 iron as a driving iron off the tee, you will be able to hit it slightly further than if you’re playing it off the fairway.

For most golfers, a 2 iron will go a similar distance to a 3 or 5 wood, but it’s hard to generalize as every player is different.

For instance, Bryson DeChambeau would be able to nail a 2 iron 275 yards +, while most recreational players would be grateful to see their 2 iron shot fly just over the 200 yards mark.

When you’re trying to work out how far you can hit your 2 iron, head out onto the range as you would with any other club.

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This is the best way to work out how far you can hit a driving iron and will ensure that you get your yardages right when you’re out on the course.

What Length Should a 2 Iron Be?

Typically, a 2 iron shaft should be 39 or 40 inches. The variation in length is dependent on whether it has a graphite or steel shaft. In most cases, a 2 iron with a graphite shaft will be around half an inch longer than a steel-shafted 2 iron.

If you’re looking to buy a custom-fitted 2 iron, your fitter will discuss the variations with you before sizing you up for the ideal club.

Otherwise, make sure the 2 iron you’re buying has a shaft between 39-40 inches.

You should also be mindful of your height and size when you’re about to buy a 2 iron.

If you’re particularly tall or short, it’s probably a good idea to get measured for your golf clubs to make sure you’re using clubs that are appropriate for your height.

2 Iron vs 5 Wood – Which Should I Carry?

Generally, a 5 wood is easier to hit vs a 2 iron and is more forgiving, therefore, more suitable for beginners and high handicappers. You should, however, carry whichever club you can hit more consistently and you don’t necessarily need to carry both.

But in reality, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the 2 Iron vs 5 Wood.

But if you’re new to the game and are struggling to hit your fairway woods, switching to driving irons might help you improve your distance and accuracy off the tee.

There’s nothing wrong with having a 2 iron and a 5 wood in your locker and switching between the two as and when required.

We just recommend heading to the range to get comfortable with each club before opting to carry either in your bag.

Yes, You Can Still Buy a 2 Iron – Do You Need To?

Although it’s not the most popular golf club in the world, the 2 iron is a good choice if you’re looking for an alternative to fairway woods and utility clubs, and the fact you can still buy one is a testament to their longevity.

As a driving iron, a 2 iron enables you to hit long off the tee with a similar setup to your long irons.

When hit properly, you can expect your 2 iron to fly 200+ yards, which is a solid foundation from which to work for most recreational golfers!

So, if you’re keen to test out a 2 iron, we’d advise you to spend some time out on the range before adding one to your bag.