The 17 Degree Hybrid Golf Club Smackdown!

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If you ask any golfer, whether it be a pro or amateur on what shot is the hardest to make consistently then the long iron from the fairway will probably come out as number 1.

For most golfers, at least one hybrid is an ever-present club in the golf bag but what if you are searching for that perfect club that has the exact loft that makes you hit the fairway like no other?

More and more golfers are looking at their golf club set in more granular detail and thus we have noticed a big proportion of our readers are looking for advice on what 17-degree hybrid golf club is best for them.

As golfers, we all have our favorite brands but I’m sure you would agree that you would quickly change club in a heartbeat if it meant you were hitting more golf shots and lowering your handicap?

Over the last few months our inbox has been full of questions from golfers who are asking – is it better to use a hybrid golf club with an angle of 17 degrees? Our answer is always the same- it depends on your game!

Nonetheless, we have compiled the ultimate list of best hybrid clubs for 2021 that fans of the hybrid will appreciate and we called it The 17 Degree Hybrid Golf Club Smackdown!

By focusing our efforts on a particular loft we have found 5 great clubs that are easier to hit. For fans of the hybrid club, we include starter clubs for beginners, mid-range hybrids for seasoned golfers and finally, professional standard clubs that pros on the PGA Tour make it look all so easy.

Top brands like Callaway, TaylorMade Golf and Wilson all have a superb range of hybrids and we look a little deeper to see if we can find any hidden bargains (hint: we do so make sure you read the full review!).

The biggest advantage hybrids have over long irons or fairway woods is that the forgiveness of the club is far greater and with the latest regular or stiff flex graphite shafts reducing weight and adding swing speed to the clubhead, it all adds up to giving you the best chance of improving your 2nd shot off the fairway.

The lower trajectory of a sub-20-degree loft also aids you in maintaining a lower spin rate when the ball crashes into the fairway which is a major problem all golfers face when shooting from the fairway.

At the end of the day, it is only with experience and trying out new clubs that we start to understand what clubs suit our game better and are easier to hit.

So with that in mind let’s look at some hybrids clubs in greater detail that has low trajectory lofts that people are talking about online and in the clubhouse.

1. TaylorMade GAPR LO Golf Club 2H (Top Pick)

TaylorMade GAPR LO Golf Club (Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff Flex, 2-17)

Rated #1 and our overall best pick for the Hybrid 2 golf club is the TaylorMade GAPR hybrid club with 17-degree loft. We rate this club so highly because it is one of the most forgiving hybrids whilst still able to hit a long ball on the fairway. In short, a fantastic golf club that you should replace your 2 iron / 3 wood immediately!

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In the video below, Josh Dipert, Product Design Manager at TaylorMade explains the benefits of GAPR technology and how the team at TM developed a hybrid with a low center of gravity and built with cutting edge materials such as SpeedFoam that maximize ball speed.

But don’t take our word for it when you check out independent reviews from golfers who use this club every day on the golf course and can hit over 230 yards plus – whilst much feedback centers on just how good this club hits the ball straight.

Don’t forget with TaylorMade GAPR, you can choose to manually alter the trajectory (loft) of the club with loft sleeve – a super function that comes in real handy for players who find themselves in tricky lie positions!


  • Speed foam injection: a material which is injected into the club head to give a lighter feel without compromising power and distance.
  • Loft sleeve: custom loft, lie and trajectory settings on the golf shaft.
  • High quality graphite shaft with stiff flex.
  • Optimized low forward, center of gravity club head.
  • Available in both right hand / left hand.


  • One of the best “touch” hybrids on the market today – hits the ball gun barrel straight.
  • Superb distance and easier to hit than long irons or woods.
  • Very forgiving and lightweight – also good for seniors and ladies.
  • You’ll love the shorter shaft and there is loft sleeve!


  • Not everyone likes a very light hybrid.


2. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Hybrid 2H

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Hybrid, Right Hand, Synergy, 60G Shaft, Stiff Flex, 2 Hybrid, 17 Degrees

You may think we are crazy to review a 2018 hybrid but the Callaway 2018 Rogue Hybrid pushes the TaylorMade GAPR all the way and is an amazing club that offers so much to the newbie, seasoned low or high handicapper and professional alike. The 41-inch length and stiff flex shaft of the club help to generate real speed and distance on the ball strike.

If you analyze feedback and ratings from golfers who use the Rogue Hybrid you will soon discover it has a large fan base who favor this H2 over other hybrids because of the high forgiveness rating and low launch ball flight.

The 58CC volume on the clubhead is not overly bulky ensuring a smooth transition and even spread of energy release on club-to-ball impact.


  • Jalibreak Technology which reinforces the club face with two steel strips.
  • Light and thin Carpenter 455 steel face: reduces bulk and delivers more speed.
  • Improved center of gravity sensoring.
  • High quality Synergy 60G graphite shaft.


  • More consistent hitting, even in tricky Bermuda rough.
  • The club is light but still responsive in the hands for a H2.
  • We love Jailbreak from Callaway so this is an added bonus.
  • One of the highest rated rescue clubs around for the money.


  • Some players report of irregular mis-hits on the second approach shot.
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3. Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Hybrid H2

Cobra Men's 2018 King F8 2 Hybrid, Nardo, Stiff Flex, Right Hand

For our #3 pick we have chosen the versatile and impressive King F8 Hybrid from Cobra Golf.

Ideally suited for medium to good golfers with a handicap of under 25 the H2 King Hybrid is perhaps best known for its fast swing speed and high vertical lift on launch.

Many golfers would agree with us that this club has generates decent stopping power in order to avoid over spin when shooting for the green.

For a 17 degree hybrid, it performs very well in difficult environments and adverse weather conditions such as high winds and hard bouncy fairways where keeping the ball lower to the ground is key for shooting below-par scores and lowering handicap.


  • Cobra Baffler® Rail design improves performance from bad lies.
  • Aerodynamic design reduces drag and delivers a higher club speed through the air.
  • The lightweight polymer is lighter than Titanium.
  • Low CG rating because of the lighter trips.


  • This club is extrmeley aero dynamic and flies through the air.
  • The 455 stainless steel face plate makes a big difference to shot distance.
  • Fully compatible with COBRA CONNECT™ – track your golf distaince and swing via smartphone app.
  • Strong, resiliant flex stiff shaft, made from high quality graphite.


  • Some Cobra fanatics prefer the Cobra King F7 5 iron.


4. Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Hybrid 17 Deg. 2H

Wilson Staff Golf D7 Hybrid, Men's Right Hand, Senior Flex 4H 22.0 degree

A big shout out to the Wilson D7 Hybrid 17 Deg hybrid club because it comes in various flex styles of regular, senior and stiff. The club itself sports a Carpenter 455 steel plate which helps the ball fly off the club. Wilson has a good reputation for making highly versatile hybrids and the D7 offers something for everyone.

The lack of power, when compared to other 17 degree clubs reviewed in our article, could be a little bit off-putting for some but overall this is a good club ideally suited for high handicappers and golfers who prefer a very light H2 club.

If accuracy is more your thing than raw power then you should seriously consider the D7 H2 hybrid as a credible addition to your golf bag. It’s also very light and thanks to the extra low CG has a very good sweet spot which can add an extra 10-15 yards to your fairway shots.


  • Unusual crown design with thinner castings on the top.
  • Head cover is made with high quality maraging steel.
  • Precision engineered; focusing on shot accuracy over distance.
  • Completely new re-designed club.


  • Fast, lightweight and extremely responsive.
  • Suits lady/woman golfers too along with seniors with moderate to low swing speed.
  • Very thin clubhead face plate which adds distance to short-medium grass length fairway shots.
  • Competitively priced and suited to most amatuer golfers.


  • The cover is not the best quality and can be damaged quite easily.


5. Wilson Staff C300 Hybrid MRH 17.0 S

Wilson Staff C300 Hybrid MLH 23.0 R

If you are looking for a cheap 17 degree hybrid golf club with good performance and decent online reviews then the C300 Hybrid MRH 17.0 S from Wilson Golf should appeal to you. We like the fact you can alter the weight of the clubhead in order to fine tune your golf swing – this is because the club comes shipped with two head weights that can inter-changed on the club.

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The C300 is a little bit bulky compared to other 2H hybrids but is an excellent option if you are looking for a decent 2 Iron replacement for under $150.

This club is made with the Pro 78H shaft from Fujikura which is a good graphite shaft and one that you would expect to be attached to a more expensive model. Despite being rated #5 in our review list, this does not equate to the C300 being a bad club – far from it. For the price point and all factors considered, we expect this hybrid would add value to your golf bag and urge you to take a closer look.


  • Multi-fit clubhead where you can customize the weight.
  • A larger grip made from leading manufacturer Lamkin.
  • Power Holes drilled in to the face for extra power.
  • Striking red matte finish.


  • A good budget 17 degree hybrid golf club.
  • If you strike it right, the ball travels big distances.
  • Good reduced spin on fairway shots.
  • We like the flex, suited to seniors in particluar.


  • Lower overall quality than the other hybrids reviewed.
  • This club “feels” bulky in the hand and is not forgiving.



Question: A 17 degree hybrid equals what iron?
Answer: This low loft club (H2) replaces either a 1 or 2 iron in the golf bag. Golfers look to the hybrid 2 because low iron shots are hard to make and there is a bigger margin of error on the shot. There is also more forgiveness on a hybrid club which is perfect for amateur golfers.

Question: How far can I hit with a 17 degree hybrid?
This is dependent on a number of factors but generally speaking, an average size male with a swing speed of 85MPH – 97MPH will hit the ball at least 185 yards but most likely a lot further and over 200 yards.

Seniors, juniors and lady golfers with a slower swing speed of 70MPH+ will be hitting around 140 yards. Even further if you use one of the best balls for senior golfers – which are designed for players who swing a little bit slower.


This brings a close to our epic review of the best 17 degree golf clubs and in our view, the top-rated club for 2021 is the TaylorMade GAPR LO which has proven to be the market leader for spin control, power on the fairway and demonstrating a high level of forgiveness. TaylorMade produces superb golf clubs and if you like to use a low loft but still want the best vertical uplift possible then this club is definitely for you.

If you would like more information on this club then check out the online reviews from golfers who, just like you are looking for the right club to lower their scores on the fairways.

There is plenty of feedback and a thorough breakdown of what they liked and how the club improved their game. There is no doubt that hybrid clubs are a big advantage over long irons and fairway woods in terms of forgiveness and overall performance.